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    Just found the forum today!
    I''m Dolly a Transgender Sissy LG from the UK.
    Recently developed on from Loli style dressing to adding diaper cover frilly panties and recently bought my first Depends from the chemist.

    Now feel as Snug as a bug in a rug!

    Hi everybody!

    Dolly x
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    Hey ya Dolly! And welcome to ADISC!

    We got a lot of LG's here, so i think you will feel comfortable! And a lot of transgenders too.
    Don't feel to shy to ask about any question you may have. There are a lot of great people here, which may know the answer!

    Loli Style is really cute! I'm not into it myself, but i really like the looks from the dresses and of course the people, which are wearing them.
    I hope you're enjoying your first bag of depends, nonetheless there are a lot of great brands out there, if you don't like them very much!

    Do you mind if i'm asking you a few questions? I hope not, so i'm asking. What are your hobbies? Maybe you'd like to tell us vague about your occupation? I hope you're enjoying it eitherway!

    However, have fun!

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    Hi daLira,
    The Lolita styles are fabulous, I buy a lot of sissy style pink satin and organza dresses and in answer to your question about hobbies dressing as Loli abd shopping for Loli style is definitely my favorite thing to do!
    I spend too many hours looking for the perfect outfit and must admit to getting a real thrill from going out dressed in my Loli clothes. It's not really that common in England but he style is growing so it's a bit easier to go to 'normal' places and get nothing more than a giggle now and then.

    The Depends are fabulous, Ive not stopped wearing them for 5 days but would like something a little fuller as I love the feeling when wearing 3 at once [ it's going to be an expensive addition to my Loli LG style! ]

    Any suggestions on the biggest pads available?

    DD xx

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