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Thread: Off duty Police arrest man while dressed in animal PJ's

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    Default Off duty Police arrest man while dressed in animal PJ's

    Saw it online, sorta caught my eye. They never explained why the two of them were wearing the PJ's. :P

    Solihull Police officers arrest man dressed in animal onesies | Metro News

    Sorry if I put this in the wrong spot. Feel free to move it if it is.

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    That article was cut too short. They kept mentioning what they were wearing, but were exceedingly slim details.

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    Crime fighting furries! I love it!
    Thanks for the link.
    Next, we need an ABDL superhero. Then the rest of our community will be well represented in a positive light.
    Mommy, can I be Paciman?

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    My thoughts: first, they couldn't resist the opportunity to say "panda car."

    Clearly cops in onesies are off-duty. But since the average journalist isn't expert in either furry or abdl jargon, we should take whatever meaning they may have meant by "onesie" with a grain of salt: could have been sleepers, just as easily...

    No doubt, as much as we can imagine cops preferring that if they are furry or abdl they would rather keep it on the qt, once the secret is out it's out and there is no further use hiding it...

    I do know that there are gay cops in my city who hang at gay bars, ready and able to deal with unruly people, and are happy for people to know what they do for a living. The bar owners love them hanging out in such places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokieABDL View Post

    Next, we need an ABDL superhero.
    I seem to recall a caped diapered cartoon hero in dpf's pages, or at least from something in the 80's... in the meantime have a look here:

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    re: diapered superheros/dpf the thread here may be of interest:
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