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Thread: Advice on choosing the right diaper

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    Default Advice on choosing the right diaper

    Hello, folks, I'm new to this forum and to being incontinent, so please forgive me if I ask some silly or unnecessary questions.

    I have a sever urge incontinence and I only feel the need to go to the bathroom a few moments before I actually wet myself, sometimes I don't even feel it.

    I'm currently wearing Tena Slip Super (Medium) and I sometimes get a leak even with them after the first time I'd wet them. Is that normal for them? Maybe I'm doing something wrong when I put them on? I have a feeling they don't fit very well around my thighs.

    I'd like to know if there are other diapers you'd recommend. Maybe some with good absorbency, but less noticeable since I go to my uni in them too, and it would suck if somebody notices it.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. Don't worry if you think some questions may sound funny, they aren't funny if we feel a need to ask about certain things.
    I'm incon too and I found the nappies that work best for me are Tena Slip Maxi. They hold more than the Super and the only time they've leaked on me is when I wake up. This hasn't happened often, but I've had a little damp patch on my jammies at the back of my legs. If you think they feel a little tight around the thighs maybe you should try a larger size. I'm a 30" waist and medium works fine for me. You won't find anything more discreet than Tena Maxis if you need a high rate of absorbency or need to keep one on for a long time between changes and they really shouldn't leak that easily so it could be just that the size is wrong or you aren't putting them on properly. There's a good article here on how to put a diaper on properly, hope it helps you:

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    Thanks a lot!

    I already saw the article, and I'm doing everything like it's said there, so I guess that is not the problem.
    I'm also 30'' waist and I have a feeling they are too loose around my thighs; it is always at the back of them that I have the leak.
    I'll try the Maxis and let you know.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi SomethingWicked. Sorry to hear the Tena Supers are not holding up well enough for your needs. I think most important factor is getting the right fit. Going too small or too large can lead to unnecessary leaking. They should sit close to your body, snug, but obviously comfortably, especially as you will wear for longer stints, such as out to uni etc.

    In a previous post I have recommended another of our friends to try Attends. If you can, give it a go also. They are thinner than Tena Slip Maxi (when dry) and fit well. They swell up quite a bit with use, but I rarely leak, even when using them heavily. Best ones in my opinion are the Attends 10 Regular Slip. The wings are made of breathable fabric, and sit under jeans better that Tena, and I find them more comfortable for long-term wearing. For bed, I would recommend Tena Slip Maxi.

    Good luck!!

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    Hello, Soakingboy, thanks for the reply.
    I'm definitely going to try Attends if I manage to get them delivered (since I live in the middle of nowhere).
    I measured my waist yesterday and found out that my hips are 32'' and my waist is 28'', so I might even try the small ones, but I still didn't manage to get them. My mom went to the pharmacy with the measurments and they said that they can't recommend anything based on my hips and waist ration, but only based on my weight. I found that a bit strange.
    So, I'm still stuck with Super and try to get Maxis somehow.

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    Hello there! Tena Slip (super or maxi) in size S should be better for you with those measurements. Hip measurment most important in getting good fit, but size S should stretch to 32". Ask the pharmacy for a sample of the smaller size. Or perhaps try an internet supplier. Many offer sample packs and will deliver anywhere.

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    I've just ordered a sample of Tena Slip Maxi in size S via an Internet supplier here. I hope I'll get them soon.

    I have a question about plastic pants. What's their exact purpose? Do they help if the diaper is very wet, make it less noticeable or noisy?

    Thanks for the replies. It means a lot since I'm constantly googlind and searching on the forum and I'm pretty lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomethingWicked View Post
    I have a question about plastic pants. What's their exact purpose? Do they help if the diaper is very wet, make it less noticeable or noisy?
    A bit of everything. I usually wear them at night, so when my diaper leaks a little bit, the plastic pants will take care of that. Note that they are not supertight, so they will only help with very small amount of leakage.

    Whether they make it less or more noisy depends on the type of plastic that they are made of. They also impede air flow in and out of your diaper region, so you will feel a bit warmer, but smell is contained a bit more.

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    Hello there! No problem. Like many of us hereI have quite a bit of experience with the different products etc.

    Plastic pants are an extra barrier. Worn over a diaper, they should help keep your clothes dry, even if diaper leaks a little. However, the fit of the plastic pants is important. Needs to completely cover the diaper, and importantly be tight at leg openings, or the wetness will still leak out. For me I just get too warm with another layer of plastic. Therefore tend to not wear them. Better to have a good safe diaper and just change before too full. Sometimes the plastic pants will help cover typical diaper rustling sound, but then instead you have the plastic pants sound.


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    Thanks, CaptainFelix and Soakingboy.
    I think I might try them just to see if they work for me. I'm pretty worried about going to uni with the diapers on so I'll pretty much try everything and see what works best for me.

    I just came home after 6 hours out and my Tena Slip Super didn't leak although it was pretty soaked. Yaay!

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