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Thread: Do ABDLs have more memories of their childhood?

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    Default Do ABDLs have more memories of their childhood?

    Childhood amnesia is said to prevent the remembrance of memories from before the ages of 2-4 years old. It is my understanding that memories from that time are still available in the mind, albeit disconnected from one's conscious thought; inaccessible. However, unlike the "normal" population, we regress into a state in which we may use the parts of our brains connected with these inaccessible memories, essentially allowing the potential for these memories to become accessible again.

    On more than one occasion I have recalled memories of events happening at the house I lived in until I was 2, which according to family members are consistent with actual events (their explanations of the events actually increased the vividness of what I had experienced).

    Using the comparison of an ABDLs having 'more' early memories than a non ABDL is somewhat problematic, as we have no other person's memories to directly compare our own to. Aside from this, would you say you have remarkably vivid memories of your young childhood, or have exposed any long lost memories from long ago while regressing?

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    Personally, I have absolutely no memories before the age of 5, and very few memories before the age of 13. My family finds it remarkable that my long-term memory is so poor, and there are many events that everyone seems to have a recollection of but sound completely foreign to me. It's very strange.

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    My memory of childhood is great. My first memory comes from when I was like 18 months old.

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    Same as countdown, no memories from before the age of 5 and very little from before the age of 10. And the things I do remember are "stories" in my family, like " the time when we replanted the garden, and vossi messed it up".. So.. I don't think those memories count.

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    I don't think ABDLs really have more memories. I have maybe a couple vivid memories before the age of 4. My younger brother, we always joke, used to always preface anecdotes with "Back when I was 3, I..."

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    I have a few clips of memories from before I was 4, but as the years progress (and I'm only 19) they become foggier and foggier to recollect.

    And I agree with Neverknow. I don't believe we necessarily have more memories.

    I think we have stronger feelings attached and/or associated with certain objects, actions, etc. but that doesn't mean we recall them more vividly than the average individual. It just means we're much more connected to those feelings.

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    I sometimes have a problem putting a timestamp of my memories. In other words I might remember something, but have no idea when it actually happened. It's like looking at a photograph which doesn't have a label and doesn't have any point of reference in it.

    This makes it quite difficult to know if I have many memories from my early years. I do know that I have the odd memory from that time, but I don't think I have any more than most people. They can seem more vivid when I'm feeling regressed though.

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    My memories started around 4, with a few scatted earlier though none of them are the most vivid. I guess I sort of remember preschool pretty vividly, but going there was very scary for me. I've always had issues with memory though.

    Still, this is a really interesting topic!

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    Truth be told, I don't actually remember that much from when I was 4 and under, I remember bits and pieces of it, but nothing solid. I've mainly repressed most of my life from 6 through to 11 due to how much I hated that time in my life and wanted to forget it.

    But I actually got into AD/BL in part of how much I wanted to remember parts of that and even relive that better, less stressful and at some points more fun and carefree times in my life.

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    I don't know if we have more childhood memories. My brain is kinda weird in this case. I can remember pretty much every "special" event, which occured over time back till the age of 2. Quite vivid too, however my memory lacks sounds and voices mostly, if i can't "connect" them with a picture, figuratively speaking.

    Furthermore, don't ask me, what i've been doing last december, i can't remember, since nothing special happened. The last half from november works fine again on the other hand (some of my friends and my own birthday, short visit to the hospital...)

    I can't deny, that i like my early childhood memories and that my little self is mostly based on this, since i'm still the same person. So it helps, kind of, but i don't know if i'm hanging onto more memories because of this.
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