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Thread: my first diaper experince and an xpmedical question

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    Default my first diaper experince and an xpmedical question

    so for the first time today i put on a not sure if i got the right size but i loved it.I got a sample pack and tried on the abena was super bulky and as a lady my crotch area looked huge in the front but my backside looked good.i was giggling because i crinkled when i walked.i think i want to be diaperd all the time. i actually had to go out really quick i threw on a long shirt and it was super quick.i didnt notice it didnt crinkle outside only in the house.i think i definanly want to use it in public.i cooked with the diaper on and even wet my diaper i was so nervous about leaking but it was fine.i stayed about 3 hrs in the diaper and only took it off becuase it has been wet for an hr.i felt so safe and secure and wonderful.i got 2 sample packs from xp medical when i opened the box it there were 8 diapers in a medium sized box.once i decide what one i like best i will be ordering a case probably.can someone tell me how huge the box is?i need to decide if i want to get it delivered to my home or my work were people will comment.(im only concerned about people commenting on box size and how heavy it may be to lift i wold have to walk a few feet away back to my house with box) also on wetting your diaper if you wear in public how many times can you wet until you have to change?also how often do you get a case?

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    lol! So many questions! Welcome to the wonderful world of diaper wearing! I'm still relatively new myself, so I'll let the experts answer your questions in more detail. A lot of what you asked is trial and error. How many times you can wet a diaper before leaking depeends on the diaper. You get a case as often as you want or need to. Have fun!

    Here is a discussion on wettings:
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    It does feel great to wear a diaper, nothing like it. I'm new to this too, and I barely can get diapers but that case should be quite big (96 Diapers is a lot), as for the weight it should not be that heavy. Sorry if it didn't help, but I'm sure someone will answer your questions.
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    I recently got my first diapers. I went with a package (not a case) of Abena M2s. The package's weight was negligible. A few pounds. It was probably a cube about 1.5 feet on a side. The size is the conspicuous, problematic part.

    You can get an idea for the size of a case on Amazon. That says that the product is 22 x 15.5 x 13.5 inches and weighs 25.5 pounds, so... plan accordingly.

    That is pretty big. Is there any advantage to delivering it to work rather than home? Do you live with your parents? You know your situation best.

    As far as the M2s go, they seem so thick to me as well although the Abena M4s are even thicker (I have not tried them). I ordered M2s because I wanted something discrete, and they fit the bill: while they crinkle if that's all I'm wearing, they don't make any sound under my jeans. I don't know how much more noticeable M4s would be.

    I was worried about wetting at first as well but I think the more you do it, the more you get a higher level of confidence. I still have not managed to soak the whole diaper. It's hard to say how many "wettings" I've managed since I usually can't empty my bladder... I'm getting there though. I would just say experience and do what you're comfortable with. 96 diapers is a lot if you are getting a case and haven't been using diapers at all. I would like to wear all day - but since I'm new to wearing, I don't think I need to in order to get my fix. Keep it balanced and get used to wetting the diaper. If it's full, don't worry about taking it off. I am planning for the 24 diapers I ordered to last me about 9 weeks.

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    all my packages to work because someone is always there to sign for them

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    I know UPS (and maybe FedEx?) have delivery available to the local distribution facility for you to pick up at no cost.

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    The odd thing about ordering something of that size/weight is the feeling of whats inside. It's not a feeling of like soft stuff, or a box of slightly loose multiple things. It's a semi soft cube bouncing in there. If anyone ever asked what it is I'm not sure what you could say. Discreetness vs safety vs convenience. Tricky dilemma, I guess it depends when your ups/fedex person delivers and when your at work.

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    I wear 24/7 and use 3 different diapers. I wear a cloth AIO and Attends Waistband Style during the day. I wear Dry 24/7's for overnight. So I basically use
    one of each daily. I get my Dry 24/7's by the case from XP Medical. I get a shipment every 9 weeks. The case is fairly heavy as it weighs 37 lbs. If you have
    to carry them very far that can be cumbersome. For Abena's it will depend on many are in a full pack, but normally 4 packs are a case. There are numbers on
    the outside of a case but would mean nothing to the average person.

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