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Thread: Where do you keep your Binki?

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    Default Where do you keep your Binki?

    Where do you keep your pacifier? Mine hangs from a rope around my neck. Since I'm an Open crossdresser I am able to keep it hidden in my bra so all anyone sees is the rope. When it gets to warm I'll have to figure something else out, but for now it hangs right near my heart and when things get a little stressful I can touch it and calm down a bit. It's becoming a security thing for me.
    I guess when it warms up I'll keep it in my purse but for now its perfect
    Where do you hide yours if you carry it with you?

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    i bought a clip for mine and a case it looks like a designer bagish thing but tiny im going to keep it in my purse

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    I keep mine in my night stand. I don't bring them, except for sleep-overs.

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    Mine lays around the house. If I take it with me it goes in my pocket.

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    I keep mine by my bedside or in my pillowcase. I have walked outside of my room a few times without realizing I still had it in my mouth but I generally don't go anywhere with it.

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    Same. Mine usually stays on my nightstand when Im not using it.

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    what is the best one on the market?? I don't have one yet.

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    Sadly, it's mostly tucked away from sight when not in use and that's mostly only ever at night.

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    Under my pillow, probably not the best place for it and it has been found a couple times I think, but it keeps it out of sight. I don't carry it around with me anywhere, except for once when I took it camping. I went off for a walk in the woods and took it with me, there is something quite liberating about walking around freely with it and no one being around to see...

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    I have a green Tupperware-style box that is just big enough to fit my paci and the attached clip. The box is half-transparent, so I usually keep it hidden from view. It is very convenient as I do not need any special box to put it in when I'm going somewhere. I can just take the box as it is and throw it in whatever bag I'm travelling with.

    Also, the box was a present by a very good friend of mine, so I am always taking them with me.

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