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Thread: well all day of being a adult

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    Default well all day of being a adult

    well I am tired of paying bills. time to get in something comfy... my adult diaper and my oneize.. Cant wait..

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    I agree with that. Days over! Time to change into a Dry24/7 and put on my rubber duck footie. Grab my paci and time for nite-nite.

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    Ahhhh, I love Fridays No roommate, so it's diapers for me!

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    well I got my apartment all to my self so its been diaper time for me.

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    I had a long day at work today as well. I had to help watch over 100 kids who didn't make a reading incentive, and then had to take over a math class at the end of the day. The kids were well behaved and enjoyable, so that helped, but still, it's diaper time. (I already had the beer, though it wasn't Miller)

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    Saturday morning, sitting in nothing but my L4.

    Great way to relax.

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    true. its Saturday and I don't have to worry about work or nothing like that. YES!!

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    Same here, don't really have any plans this weekend, sadly. Bright side though, I get to be diapered most of the time

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