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Thread: Your Favorite Soup(s)

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    Default Your Favorite Soup(s)

    Trying to think of warm things on the chillier nights we're having now. So, what's your favorite soup? I'd make a poll, but there's just too many varieties of soup out there.

    My top favorite would be my own homemade oyster stew. Yummy! Second would be Lipton chicken noodle soup which comes in a box. That soup goes back to my childhood. Whenever I was sick with a cold all I wanted was Lipton soup and hot tea. Third would be Campbell's chunky bean and ham. Just can't have that particular soup too late in the day otherwise the beans will tear me up with gas when I'm trying to sleep.


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    Campbel's Chunky Chicken Noodle or my own homemade seafood chowder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connor92 View Post
    Paneras chicken noodle with a sourdough roll!! Yum!

    They have Panera in Missouri? I've actually never eaten there, but we have 'em

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    French Onion is good, and I like Broccoli Cheese, Classic Tomato, and Chicken Noodle homestyle with thick egg noodles and big chunks of chicken.

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    i made a carribbean squash soup for thanksgiving dinner that was pretty darn tasty.

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    My favorite soup would most likely be Beef Vegetable. I just love the flavor it has.

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