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Thread: Hello from a nervous newbie

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    Default Hello from a nervous newbie

    Hi, my name's Eenyweeny and I'm currently (temporarily living/working in France, although originate from the UK.
    I have been wearing diapers for as long as I can remember, but it's only recently I've begun to understand why, especially as I am not incontinent. Since I am living away from my family, on my own during the week, I have had the opportunity to start to understand who I am, which is good and bad...
    In my spare time I enjoy flying RC helicopters, mucking around with computers, cycling (when it's not too cold!!) and just taken up running.
    I'm hoping to find support, guidance and friends on this site and look forward to talking to you all.

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    We will help you out if we can ok. I too have only recently been able to start accepting this part of me so i can relate to it a bit. I am an ABDL. I have never untill recently understood some of the thoughts i get, But thanks to Adisc and a lot of advice and help from people, I have started to accept it more. It is something that may be uncomfortable in thought or speech for a while but it dosent make you any less of a person ok.

    A lot of us on here still have normal lifes and interests that arnt ABDL or DL minded.


    You said you like messing about on computers. Do you mean like a pc or computer or like an XBox or something ?

    I am totally addicted to online gaming on my laptop. How about you ? do you play games on the net ? (im assumming by computer you mean pc or laptop lol)

    Anyways welcome to Adisc
    Make youself at home so to speak

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    Tennismad, I love building, playing on and most things associated with PC's, but I adore gaming of any kind (the child in me!!!) on any platform. I only have a PC and PS3 in France.
    Fave PS3 game GT5, on the PC I generally like strategy type games such as Civ5 but I also enjoy 1st person shooters (can't be doing with them on the PS3, need to have a mouse to aim with!!)
    I love retro games as well, such as Elite, Mechwarrior etc!

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    Man it has been forever since I played mechwarrior. Mechwarrior 2 was a staple of my middle school years.

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    haha cool.

    I used to be a sonic the hedgehog guy on the oldsega lol. I couldn't get enough of him and knuckles.

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    emulators are my best friend. Nintendo, super Nintendo n64 Sega Sony play station old PC games like my favorite tank wars where you use basic geometry to attack other tanks building up money to buy better weapons.

    I once owned an XBOX(original) but for what ever reason, its not the same for me. can't compare to nostalgia of old systems.
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