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Thread: i messed up big time!

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    Default i messed up big time!

    Okay so here is my situation. I went on a trip for a week back east, and while I was there I decided to order 2 cases of diapers. I figured by time my brothers wife got home or he dis it wouldn't matter because it should be in plain boxes... well nope! Its says diapers right on the box...... I know my brother has to know because she probably would have told him. I don't know what I mean I prefer to wear diapers because I have a weak latter where it is hard for me to hold it but I don't need them. So if they ask or then my mom will know and she will tell my Dr... I want to cry right now!

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    I'm sorry I dont have much in lines of help for this but maybe a thought. You could say you started building diaper cakes. That way you can say your using them for that. I don't know if this is any help. I almost decided not to post it *giggles* I didn't want to seem like I wasn't being serious.


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    Good thought. Only problem is my brother just had a baby shower and I would have to make one now haha
    Good thought though. I don't know how to make em though.

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    How to Make a Diaper Cake: 11 steps - wikiHow If you want to use the idea plus it would make a great gift / discretion for your brother. Plus these things sell fairly well if it would something you wanted to look into. Maybe Adult Baby Cakes and sell them for adult baby showers.

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    I'd say no news is good news. If they don't ask, don't bring it up, or it'll seem suspicious that you're making excuses for something they may have already forgotten about.

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    How old are you?
    This is a bit important... I mean, from a certain age on, what you do in that regards is YOUR OWN BUSINESS... and mom or no mom. there's your privacy.

    In worst case, if the confront you, be honest.

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    I'd say, as long as they don't ask you about it, don't say anything. They will only get suspicious of you start explaining something that they probably already forgot.

    If they should ask you, you could either tell them the truth (which might be a good idea or not, depending on your brother, his wife and your mother) or make something up. People on eBay often send stuff in old boxes. You could e.g. pretend to have received an eBay purchase which happened to be shipped in a diaper box. Ideally, you think one step ahead and get ready to present something of the approximate size that could have been shipped in the box they saw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlejustin View Post
    I'm 21. Ugh.... I'm stressing still...

    Not to come over as rude or so...
    You're 21, you're no matter where you live, of legal age = ADULT.

    Now I do understand that you might not want your folks to know that you bought diapers (for whatever reason).

    However there's a few aspects you really need to consider:
    Your relationship with your DOC is CONFIDENTIAL. Means, your MOM has NO BUSINESS AT ALL, discussing any type of health matter about you with YOUR DOC.
    If need be, make your boundaries clear to your mom in that case - it's important. Also change doc if that's an issue.
    But again, as an Adult, legal age et all, Doc / YOU - Confidential, private matter ... your mom needs to step outside of this pic, regardless of the diapers or not.

    Your Brother: Judging from the fact that he's married and has his own place - he is at least as old as you are (probably he's older, I guess)...
    So you're both adults.
    Now if you don't want to let your brother in on the Fetish part (as there's no real reason): I'd confront him and say that you've got actually a bit of a weak bladder and have been wearing the diapers for long trips etc.
    And that you'd like to keep this VERY PRIVATE as it is a personal health matter and no one else' concern.
    I think if he's your bro, adult and has his own life, he does indeed understand the value of privacy and private issues.
    Let him know, that you never desired for anyone to know, but now as the "cat's out of the box" you'd wanted to make sure that he understands the privacy related aspect of this matter.
    Tell him if he irks about telling your mom (for some to me non-comprehensible reason), that he should consider how he would feel if you'd breach trust by sharing something he'd regard as private/personal/confidential with anyone else.

    I mean he would need to be a perfect dick to share something like that with your mom.

    The thing's this: if you'd be like 14... then it would be a bit of your parents issues, especially if there's a health problem at hand.
    However, at 21, you've got the freedom to choose what you do with your own body - which is cool.

    So think about this... if you have any doubts that your bro will keep what his wife has found private - you really should talk to him, to prevent this from getting into the "wrong set of ears".

    Now worst case: He tells your mom, that you ordered diapers at his place.
    And your mom confronts you ... well tell her, frankly, to mind her own business and that it wasn't nice of your bro' to share this anyhow as you treat this as a private matter.
    For the sake, tell her you had an UTI (urinary tract infection) and had this treated by a Specialist (Urologist, not your regular doc), and that from the UTI there's a bit of an "overactive bladder", that's mending though, but that during some long car trips you'll have a temporary problem holding it in.
    And if she asks why you didn't confide in her, well make it clear that it's a private matter and you're old enough to handle this without half the world knowing.

    Or you can go for the all out option: FETISH. PERSONAL. No reason to discuss. your folks might find it weird, but again ... what's it to them what you do to get your "satisfaction", after all I guess your mom & dad never told you what kind of kinks they're into... (and trust me, most people have some kink).

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