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Thread: where do you keep your baby stuff

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    Default where do you keep your baby stuff

    do you have a case or a special spot.I just bought a bunch of stuff that i wouldnt want anyone else seeing.I was thinking of buying a case with a lock.where do you keep your stuff?

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    I keep my stuff in a gym bag and in my ps3 box :P Not the safest place but atleast it's not clearly visible.

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    The bottom two drawers of my dresser. I'm in my 20s. No one goes through my things except my girlfriend, and she knows.

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    I am in college. I store the bulk of stuff (that I don't access frequently) in a traveling bag in a hard-to-reach spot in my closet. If I were at home, I don't think this hiding spot would be sufficient, but in college, I am virtually certain that my roommate wouldn't go through my closet because that would be a massive invasion of privacy.

    I keep a smaller amount of things (that I access frequently) in the smallish cardboard box that my portable fan came in. The fan is out and sitting on my dresser. I am keeping the box so I have something to transport my fan in at the end of the year, but during the year, no one has any cause to go in that box.

    This arrangement works well because during the day when my roommate could walk in at any moment, I don't need to be reaching up to my closet's top shelf or opening a bag full of diapers. But I can easily access what I need quickly from my other spot. During the few periods where I know my roommate will not enter my room, I can transfer what I think I will need to the smaller box. It has been working well so far.

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    I keep diapers in a box in the closet, and my paci is behind the clock next to the bed.

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    I keep diapers in a box in the closet, and my paci is behind the clock next to the bed.

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    I don't have many visitors. So what I'm using might be out such as my sleeper that I'm wearing at night. Also my my diapers that are air drying.
    The rest of my stuff is put away where it's kept. My full packs of disposable diapers are kept out of the way but still can be seen.

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    I have a locked cabinet in my dorm where I keep my stuff. Most of it's at home now, but some Teddy diapers are coming in the mail tomorrow, and they'll be in that locked cabinet tomorrow.

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    all of me diapers and AB stuff are in my closet

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    i live by my self so i dont hide it

    i also dont get very many guests

    i keep my pacis in reach at all times
    as for my diapers there either in my bed room or living room

    my cloth is usualy drying or is in my bathroom or in my bedroom

    as for my onesie its usualy near my bedroom waiting to be worn

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