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Thread: Hello from the UK.

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    Default Hello from the UK.

    Well hi all!

    Where do I start?? Well... firstly my name is Emma, om 19 and I live in the midlands UK. I should say from the start I am here as a total beginer who has a very keen interest in the AB lifestyle. It all stems from a dare at a house party a few weeks ago where basically I had to spend 2 hours in a pampers nappy. I enjoyed it way more than i should have done and have since been doing some research online wich has lead me here......

    I am naturally quite submissive and usually fairly shy too! Unfortunately I still live with my "real" parents but hoping that will change soon.

    What im looking for...... well I suppose friendship and chat about the lifestyle with experienced AB's.

    Hope ive not bored anyone, I am trying to upload a profile pic but at the moment it wont let me, but ill keep trying!

    So im gonna stop typing now! but hope anyne who likes the sound of me drops me a line to say hi

    Emma x x x

    - - - Updated - - -

    YAY ME!!

    I did the pic thing..... !!
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    Hello and welcome
    Firstly I have to say that sounds like a great house party Im glad your online searching has led you here, its a friendly place with loads of good info - and is way less creepy than a lot of sites.

    Hope you have loads of fun exploring your new AB side x

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    No, not boring anyone, perish the thought. I am glad you found out something you love at long last: also not that many of us had spent an evening at a party diapered, at 19 !! Damn good start to things I call that! Congrats on taking the plunge, and welcome here. You came to the right place, for sure...

    There are loads of UK ab's and dl's, second only to the USA in the English-speaking world. (Then come Australia and Canada.) So there are not only others out there who have the same feelings as you about this sort of thing... but many won't be far away! Now isn't THAT a mind-boggling thought?

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC!

    It' nice to see another girl, i hope you'll have a lot of fun here! And don't feel to shy to ask about anything you're interested in, everyone is really nice.

    So you just discovered this side of yours recently . You're saying, that you're kinda submissive, are you into some other "kinks" too, if i may ask? It sounds this way.

    I know it's kinda hard, if you're still living with your parents. Hopefully you got some hiding spot and free time for yourself, when noone bothers you.

    Do you mind if i'm asking you a few questions? Something you'd like to tell about your non AB/DL interests? Why have you been wearing the diaper for that party to begin with? Sounds like a lost bet between some friends, or atleast it's kinda unusual, but it's good to hear that you discovered this side of yours this way

    Anyway have a lot of fun here!

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    And on checking your interests in "About Me" I found Koppaberg... and since I had no idea, I Googled it... and this is EXACTLY what the first link said:

    Kopparberg is a brand that has always done things differently and believes that the people who follow their passions rather than the herd, and disregard the...
    Yep. That's you all right, down to a T I'll bet...

    Just like all the rest of us. (PS I also went to a party in a diaper recently, but I am well past 40...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    (PS I also went to a party in a diaper recently, but I am well past 40...)
    Party pooper!

    Welcome to the site, emmalou. Hope you have fun here!

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    Hi welcome Emma, we hope you find this forum useful and friendly
    What else do you like to do besides ABDL ?

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    Welcome Emmalou.

    All I have to say is" Damn you Brits do have some wild parties!"

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