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Thread: wearing your footed pjs in public

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    Default wearing your footed pjs in public

    have you ever worn your footed pjs out in public?Would you do it?if you have how did it go? a little background im always going out in public in pj pants.i go to restaurants walmart mall.I figured this would be easier and more convenient than pj pants.i also think due to the commercialisation of hoodies like the footed hoodie people would be more accepting of seeing it.

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    I'll keep mine inside. My trap door might come open outside.

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    I've done it once (went to a cold park with some friends, we happened to have been to primark earlier that day, so I pulled them on), but I've never left the house with one visible. I will wear them under clothes in winter, though. I've also seen people wearing them in public recently, but not done so myself.

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    I wear mine to walk the dog in our back yard, but I put shoes on over the footies, and I'm wearing a coat because it's so darn cold here in central Virginia. I walk up to the street to get my newspaper, so people driving by could see the cute teddy bear print on my jummpin' jammierz.

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    I don't wear any kind of pajamas outside of the house or yard.

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    Not often...

    If I'm going somewhere I drive...or gf does, and haven't anywhere that it would be appropriate...


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    Ive worn mine at a con or in hotels but have but that about it.

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    I forgot I've worn them at hotels and at friends houses when staying over...and at my parents house as well...

    I get super cold at night so they come in handy...


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    I have worn them to the place where I get my massage, and to a few drive thru places to pick up food.

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    I have not worn my footy pajamas in public but I have been wearing them at home when a few people I didnt know came over. I have become much more open about the fact that I love wearing footed pajamas and this incident happened after a night out at the bars.

    I walked home with one roommate and decided to change into my jammys when we got home. we were sitting on the couch in the living room when our friend walks in absolutley plastered, he immediatley looks at me and says that he LOVES my pajmas. after that, a group of my other roommates and a couple of people I dont know walk in. at this point I was quite emberrased but figured there was nothing I could do about it now. I dont really remember if the two strangers said anything to me, they did look a little confused.

    they left after about 10 minutes and I have never seen them again. As for my plastered friend, I dont think he remembers seeing me in my jammys, but it did make me feel good to hear such a posative response. I can count over 10 college friends who know I wear footed pajamas and I have never gotten a negative reaction when they saw me wearing them. now I just need to find the courage to wear them in front of my mom.

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