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Thread: Non ABDL girlfriend, DL boyfriend

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    Exclamation Non ABDL girlfriend, DL boyfriend

    Hey guys,
    Non ABDL girl , with a DL boyfriend
    Just looking for some advice.

    Thanks guys
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    Hi! Happy to assist if I can... but you'll have to let us in on a few details... like does he know you are asking around for advice? Is he cool with you talking about him and his habits and preferences? We have had, and still do have couples where one is into diapers and the other isn't, but wants to understand their partner (or friend, or their child ...)

    Is the advice you are looking for to do with your sex-life? your romantic life? Are you wondering what sort of boundaries to establish if he's asked you to baby him? If he wants YOU to be in diapers are you comfortable with this?

    One common question outsiders may wonder is whether a desire to wear the diaper or to see others wearing it implies finding children are a turnon and if this implies any kind of pedophilia.

    I can answer that one: with a resounding NO. There certainly are pedophiles who ALSO, and BY COINCIDENCE are ab/dl - adult babies (or teen babies) or simply diaper lovers - but being ab or dl DOES NOT IMPLY OR SUGGEST IN AND OF ITSELF that a person has pedophilic desires or tendencies.

    nyway, before we address things to do with your guy specifically, it might be advisable for you to let him know you decided to consult Adisc and see what he thinks about that move. Nearly all of us prefer to keep this side of ourselves very private and only discuss it with people very close to us, or others who are into the same sort of thing. I would hate to think he might feel you were violating his privacy...

    But on a bright note, Adisc IS a support site... and is all-told the best website you could come to, out of all the ones that cater to abdl's, to seek support and understanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakeFadeGone View Post
    Hey guys,
    Non ABDL girl , with a DL boyfriend
    Just looking for some advice.

    Thanks guys
    Hi and welcome to our community.

    What kind of advice are you looking for.

    I have a non DL wife myself. She is a very good support, even though she does not participate.
    What are your hobbies/interests (non ABDL)?

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC!

    It's actually nice to see a "vanilla" person in our small community. So feel free to ask about anything you need some help with, don't worry, everyone is really nice!

    And i think it's actually really nice, that you're interested or maybe a little bit "curious?" learning about a thing your boyfriend loves/enjoys from time to time.
    I don't want to tell you, that you'll hopefully accept this "kink", since i know this can be quite hard, i'd only be glad if you and your bf can come up with a solution, which is acceptable for you both.

    Best wishes and have fun!

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    Welcome to adisc! Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to

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    Thanks everyone ;
    Raccoon , if you go on to my page and onto my other thread; That is where I posted the issue I needed advice on, But the answers to your questions , He does know im looking for advice on here. He recommended this site to me. Our sex life, is okay , , sometimes he gets frustrated that we cant use diapers .

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    Welcome to the forums! ^__^

    Glad to know there's some non-DL supporters (:
    I'm a supporter as well, only exception being im taking the extra step to explore that side with my boyfriend since he was interested in it <3

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    I'll just make this sweet and simple since everybody has already said it:

    Welcome to the forums and please feel free to ask away! That's what it's here for! :3

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