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Thread: Wonderful/Morbid thought...

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    Default Wonderful/Morbid thought...

    Wouldn't it be nice to be buried in a diaper? Only you and the funeral personnel would know. Would you be buried in you furry or sissy outfits? I think being buried in a diaper would be wonderful, myself. No one would see it under my suit.

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    Maybe it's just me, but I really don't care how I'll get buried since I will know, dead. I won't be able to experience it, not that I WANT to experience my own funeral. So really, they can do whatever they want for my my funeral.

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    ahahaha good..good this really is a morbid idea. I think it would be just too creepy to be within my comfort zone - not that youd be aware during the event - but the planning, the planning would be awkward.
    I think death is one of those few events its worth spending money on and going for a dignified look. I would never go to one of those supermarket owned funeral care places - they actually scare me with how mundane they make the whole thing.

    Anyway who knows maybe they diaper corpses already to prevent any necrotic fluids erupting all over the place. hahah.

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    All the pleasure I derive from wearing diapers would be negated by the "being dead" thing.

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    How morbid... lol

    I would much rather save my family money and be chopped into pieces and stuffed in a cardboard box, buried at the bottom of the garden...

    Or sold to a cannibalistic race as fodder, or chopped up and fed to the pigs, or anything that would eat me really....

    As for wearing a diaper, I wouldn't, it would be the first (and last) time in my adult life that I could leak out of all my orifices and obviously not give a monkey's nuts about it!

    I wouldn't even want to be buried or burned in clothes, that would be a waste, besides... by then they will probably need to resurface the roof of the Millenium Dome and I am pretty sure my knickers will come in handy for that!

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    In my pre-dawn pre-coffee stupor, this sounded like an interesting question. I later realized it probably wasn't. My thinking at the time was wouldn't it be great to be looking down from heaven and have people come up to you and see you in a onesie with a pacifier and hear them say. "What the...?" But, as was stated above, this is your last chance of dignity on Earth and it probably isn't a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Wouldn't it be nice to be buried in a diaper?
    Ha ha! I'm pretty cynically depressed at the best of times... but even for me... "nice" wouldn't exactly be the first word that came to mind at such an idea!

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    Ummm...I think the diaper might cause noxious fumes when I'm cremated (Yes, I know Muslims aren't supposed to be cremated, but I'll be damned if they're gonna put my body in the ground to be worm fodder...I HATE creepy crawlies!).

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    Toss my dead rotting body in the sea... burn it on a pile of burning tires.... actually, I don't give a damn... 'cause I'm dead by the time.

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    Well zipperless I'll admit it, I have thought about it! Actually I'd like to be buried diapered, in my footie PJs with my dolls in there's as well. There is a cemetery across the tracks behind my house so I can remain close to home for an eternity.

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