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Thread: Co-Worker Saw my diaper!

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    Default Co-Worker Saw my diaper!

    Anyways... I have a story that happened today....

    My coworker at work needed to use my walkie talkie and when I handed it to her she saw my diaper. (TOTAL accident. My shirt lifted up slightly when removing the walkie from my belt.

    She was like "Are you wearing a DIAPER?" (I am certain she know's it's a diaper, people tend to know who babymitchy is at my work.)

    So I said.... "No way... that would be weird."

    Sadly, I instantly went on the defensive. But it's like a personal thing and It's natural to react that way I would think.

    So I am not even that worried about it although I feel I reacted poorly at the time....(although my reaction and voice was more of a cool guy response.)

    I wondered what anyone else thought and if you could/would have handled it differently?

    Has anyone had a similar experience?

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    Well, I would have handle it different; though, not sure how because a good amount of my co-workers know already that I have this 'interest'. I have though, gone into my work wearing one to pick up my check on days off.

    That is something that I am still timid about; wearing one on a shift. I feel doing so, breaks the rule of "Business and Pleasure are meant to be separate".

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaH View Post
    That is something that I am still timid about; wearing one on a shift. I feel doing so, breaks the rule of "Business and Pleasure are meant to be separate".
    I don't disagree with this at all.....but imo as long as it's considered an undergarment and you are trying to be discreet It's not really a bad / evil thing.

    But yeah, it's kind of "pshaw" in my co-workers eyes. I could tell by her reaction.

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    you could have said yes and left it at that
    but if pressed further you could have stated you needed them for medical reasons.

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    I think this is a good thing to post, regardless of how you handled it.

    There's been more 'diapered at work' threads and the boards than usual- and I'd rather see both sides here, so people don't get the wrong idea about wearing.

    You are risking some of your mental health by being 'found out' at work. Unless you have a great reason/backstory to counter their questions with. There's always the young/immature person who have no boundaries on what's work appropriate... then will probably tell everyone they're friends with at work, because well... they don't care about privacy if they're ready to ask you in public 'OMG WHY DO YOU HAVE A DIAPER ON'.

    I may wear to work one day- if I have a job title that allows. I'm always on the sales floor for the time being. Always bending, jogging, crouching, lifting, ect. If you have a similar job- consider the pros/cons to wearing... or have some tough skin on hand if you ever hear rumors.

    All that being said, if you are going to wear to work- be prepared. I would NEVER wear to work without a onesie. Heck, companies even make them in blue/white plain colors so you can make it look like an undershirt. Buy pants that fit with a diaper. You'll have to scale up a size or two, depending on how thick you're going to wear. Bring a change- others can smell you sooner than you can yourself. Some people with pets can smell pee from a mile away, so get one with good odor controls. The only thing worse than bringing your fetish to work, is bringing bad hygiene to work! :p

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    Yeah I do totally agree. I think your post is very helpful also. I would add that although wearing a diaper to work (discreetly under clothing) is not something someone should be fired over, yet I have heard of people being fired for it, especially small businesses! I just figured I should mention that because people that do decide to wear should at least consider the possibility.

    It can effect a persons mental health for sure. Dealing with co-workers making fun of them of perhaps an even worse outcome....

    It won't really effect me much because generally speaking, the world know's I wear diapers. All they have to do is know where to look to see me openly talking about it. So, I have already prepared myself for both the good and the bad of what is to come.

    My situation is not typical, as many of my coworkers already do know my secret but don't talk about it.

    (I don't know which ones know and which ones don't.... Because people talk. I do know that more know than I am aware of.)
    Her reaction was actually a very fun and cool one and I mainly wanted to post because:

    I was a little upset with myself. I reverted to an instant defensive reaction. But I suppose I shouldn't blame myself.. since this is the kind of reaction that comes naturally IMO.

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    It's unusual someone would even ask if you are or not if they saw it. Not saying you're lying because some people are just blunt and abrupt and have no social filter.

    It's no one's business if you are or not and you could have a medical problem and they wouldn't even know you don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    It's unusual someone would even ask if you are or not if they saw it. Not saying you're lying because some people are just blunt and abrupt and have no social filter.
    She is a weird coworker. She probably is one of the ones that know's and that's why she was so upfront about it.

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    you handled it how you needed to. you were asked a very personal question and truth is most people don't ask so its not expected. you weren't rude to her. your adamant denial isn't a bad thing. as a child, I'd deny to those who asked, that I was wearing a diaper. even though I had to wear them, it didn't change the natural feelings of shame humiliation and helplessness of having to wear, people finding out, and being teased. today while I still get embarrassed, the shame is mostly gone and if a person or child asks, I explain as best I can, why I have to wear diaper. most people can't do that so I can't criticisr your reaction.

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    Very great and helpful post! (This is why I love adisc!)

    I just wanted to say that although I don't "need" to wear diapers I do like not having to run to the bathroom as often. I do not consider my AB side a fetish as much as a lifestyle, although I am not here to argue over the whole fetish/lifestyle debate.

    Also, of course control is important and I don't "need" to wear a diaper to work. I normally don't. I just decided yesterday I wanted to.

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