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    How often do you go on vacations?

    I go 2-3 times a year, 4 if I'm super-dee-duper lucky.

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    Well it's usually been once a year. Usually abroad but if we're saving money we'd go to Wales or Scotland or the south.

    Although when my Grandma moved to Spain, we started having a holiday there as well as our normal holiday, since flights are often quite cheap, and since we stayed with our Grandma we didn't have to pay for a hotel or anything.

    I now a bit too old for going on family holidays, so I'll probably just go to a festival with my friends for a holiday from now on. The transitional period between being a teen who goes on holiday with family and an adult who goes away with friends was fun. This year I went on two holidays, one with my friends in Amsterdam... and then the day after I got back I went on holiday to Rhodes with my family. Fun times!

    This year I think I'm going to Spain to visit my Spanish friends who are at my university (they're taking a year abroad to improve their English).

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    Well, this year, I went to Florida and Chicago, which is awesome. But usually one big one a year. And then the little mini vacations like seeing family, which is alot of fun too...

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