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    New to this
    Hey there BJM8871. Don't worry okay, we are all new to this at some point. I remember when I was first starting, so scared.. decided to just, buy a package of GoodNites and try it out. So many thoughts and feelings running through my head, worried.. wondering what the hell I was doing (pardon my language), and just.. exploring something that felt right to me despite it all. Though of course your feelings and first impressions largely vary from mine, every single person on this site had to start somewhere. You'll find all the answers you need, and support you might require here.

    Do you mind if I ask you some questions? Like.. what actually sparked your interest in this? What do you consider yourself, AB or DL? (Noticed you haven't filled that section of your profile out at all.) What other things do you do for fun, like reading or watching TV? The last thing is because even though we love diaper here, we aren't JUST about them.. we are about people to. Real people supporting and getting to know each other, and if you feel comfortable.. we would love to get to know you.

    I just hope you have a lot of fun and feel welcomed here. Please ask any question you need, I would be happy to give what information I could.. and I'm sure there will be others to do the same.

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