Yes another politics thread, I know everyone loves them. I thought this could be an interesting question though, brought on by reading some slanted news while waiting. Basically was reading an article from Daily Kos (it comes up on my best of politics thing on my phone, along with the blaze, slate etc. etc.) about Reince Priebus and calling Huckabee the model of the party etc.

That isn't the important part, the part I wanted to focus in on was they talked about they think he is trying to walk the line between the different factions in the party, keeping all of them happy without taking a firm side.

What caught me is, since I've followed politics, it has always seemed that at the end of the day the Republican Party always were on the same page. They disagreed a fair bit but generally seemed to come together enough to be unanimous in decisions. Granted that does still seem to be the case somewhat. but with all the fracturing of the party and people from "sect x" getting beat by "Sect y" etc. I wondering if the party is lacking firm leadership or if they just brought in the wrong groups to the tent.

Just my feeling on it was that maybe the RNC and/or leadership in the Senate and House is lacking well leadership and that "iron fist" keeping the party on key with the RNC. Is it a case they are trying to appeal to every group in their tent, and thus empowering them and creating division? Is it just the "unruly" being unruly? It could even be a shift of the party and old leadership not realizing they are being pushed out.

Curious what peoples view are, and if it is even a legitimate debate in the first place. Maybe this is just the norm and not as big of an issue as it is made out (at times).