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    I'm new to abdl and am so excited to meet and talk to people like me

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    Well it's good that you want to talk to other people, but y'know, I bet you do more than just ab/dl stuff. You have any hobbies? What kinds of music or movies or books do you like?

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    You should talk about yourself. What do you like to do?

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    hee, hee I bet you can't go on a shopping excursion without stopping by the tack shop... horses, bdsm... two of your interests covered right there! I notice people seem not to do the automatic dance of "click name, view profile, click 'about me'" - tut tut. Laziness. But it's good to have you here: shyness runs "in the family" meaning among most of the abdl crowd: many are so excited or nervous or in a hurry their first post doesn't show all that many sides to them; happily they may rest assured we are all keen and eager to really get to know them well... and will ask for more info to go on, without being so probing as to invade their privacy... hopefully...

    How do you mean you are new to abdl? You just recently got interested? Just started exploring the internet on the topic? Finally gave way to an ages-old urge that's been lurking in the background and decided to try a few things on for size?

    Yay for being able to order online. I was born in the 60's and had to buy (urgh!) retail!! - when I had an allowance, that is, and started using buses independently...junior high... what most know as "middle school"... when it turned out that those 3XL plastic pants I was apt to pause and examine, even fondle longingly... turned out to in fact fit me []... . Pre-internet, back in the day... a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away... when all disposables were plastic-backed and they were no more ubiquitous than actual cloth...

    Back when "feminist" and "lesbian" were synonymous, gay teens didn't exist, (people apparently turned gay on their 18th birthday, (when gay was still thought to be a mental illness anyway, and asexuals had simply not even been invented... when there were no munch/meetup sites for abdl's, no online ordering, and when the existence of the female of the species was simply a theory, mostly assumed to be the product of straight-male fantasies... and the scattered few who did exist led solitary, closeted lives, in caves on Tatooine, diapers hidden beneath their robes, with extra-thick plastic pants to keep out that itchy desert sand.
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