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Thread: Need a bit of help; deciding...

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    Default Need a bit of help; deciding...

    Roughly six years ago, I got a game called "Trainz Railroad Simulation 2006", better known simply as TRS2006.

    Well, I am thinking of getting the 2012 version... If I do; I plan to get the "Boxed" version of it because it will be the 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition. So, it has a few extras that I wouldn't necessarily get if I did a Digital Download.

    My question; even though, its not much of one, is:

    Should I play the current version I have and see if it re-sparks my interest or just get the newest version?

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    I'm not a big fan of the game. There isn't much you can do in the game unless you buy the DLC's. My 2012 upgraded to 2013 but I don't want to buy so many DLC just for trains. If your a big fan then, yes the graphics are way better in the new version.

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    I remember a time when i was torn between TrainZ and what was then called "Railworks" (Now called Train Simulator 2013). I compared the two in terms of performance, graphics and fun-ness. Railworks/TS2013 won out, for better graphics and performance (it's "engine" is a bit newer). If you're convinced to stay with TrainZ, have fun. But if you're open to suggestion, I'd say try Railworks/TS2013. It has hundreds of addons you can buy. The only real downside is it (and the DLC) are a bit pricey. But every now and again, the DLC all get put at half price on Steam, which makes them affordable!

    Edit: Wait.... i er, probably shouldn't admit to playing Train Sims, oh well! There goes my street cred!

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