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Thread: Your Favorite Series Game!

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    Default Your Favorite Series Game!

    What is your favorite game that has sequels, or, a series game? Mike would have to be the Jak series... it's simple, has a storyline, and is actually pretty fun. I still have the PS2, so I've never tried Halo or COD or Mario or Zelda. So, what series of video games do you like best?

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    I have to go with the Zelda series. There's not one bad game. Each one is just a more or less perfect. I choose to ignore the Philips CD-i games, as they are only licensed games and not made by Nintendo.

    Some runners up would be:

    Super Mario
    Baldur's Gate
    Kingdom Hearts

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    Metal Gear series.
    MG2, MGS, and MGS3 are some of my favorite games.

    I also love the Mario series, and kind of like the Zelda series.
    Other series I like include Ace Combat, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Katamari, Team ICO, Shin Megami Tensei, Grand Theft Auto, Initial D, etc.

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    My favorite Series game would have to be the Gran Turismo series, followed with the Grand Theft Auto series and then the Need For Speed series.

    I like my racing games and my sandbox style games.

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    Either Mario or Sonic. I can't choice between them because I like them both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
    Either Mario or Sonic. I can't choice between them because I like them both.
    I was thinking of Sonic, but from what I've tried nothing more recent than Sonic CD is really fun and true to the original concept. Got any tips on later but still good Sonic titles?

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    Easy Zelda series hands down.

    Mario has no plot other then a stupid girl getting her self kidnapped over and over as much as Jack Bauer's daughter in the first season of 24.

    Metal Gear Solid would have a good storyline if it wasn't for the fact MGS4 ruined it It sort of fell and went "Thump!" I guess it was impossible to really give a good ending so they throw a damn monkey into the game who looks like it has many contractible diseases. <_>

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    Got any tips on later but still good Sonic titles?
    I've always found Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 quite playable.

    Metal Gear Solid would have a good storyline
    I think that was already pretty damaged by MGS2's ridiculous plot revelations in the second half of the plant chapter.

    Anyway, I think one of my favourite game series would have to be the Streets of Rage series, along with others like Total War series.

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    Hmm, difficult. I would like to say Metal Gear. I have loved the ones I have played. The story is great and quite intelligent, the character of Snake is brilliant and it is rare that you come across a series of games that make you think about the subjects that it covers. However, due to my limited experience of them (only MGS and MGS2, plus what people have told me about them) I won't place them on top.

    I'll have to go for the Homeword series. It was a groundbreaking series, the 3D tactical simulation in space had never been done before. The storyline is fantastic and really draws you in and the composition is brilliant. Haunting music and almost cinematic visuals add to the feeling and turn the atmosphere up to max. As a game it is beautiful to look at, beatiful to play and beautiful to feel. I know it is an RTS game, but it has one of the best story lines I have found in any game.

    Honourable mention to the Civilization series (including Alpha Centuri). While not really having a story line this games are true classics, each one building on the next in content and flexibility. Incredibly addictive, but due to the nature of the game it lacks a story element, and for me the story and the atmosphere is part of what makes the Metal Gear and Homeworld games so good.

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