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    Seems like i chaff on my inner thighs when wearing thick diapers, or for a long period. Should i use Vaseline, or is there any other products for this issue?

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    I would use Desitin and hold off wearing for a few days and see if it clears up.

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    I've had this problem too, especially if I've put a stuffer inside my nappy. I think it was mainly because I pulled my nappies too tight around the legs. I now use Johnsons Baby Powder (it still smells the same as when I was young) beforehand and make sure my skin is totally dry before putting a nappy on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lullingsea View Post
    Should i use Vaseline
    That's probably the last thing you should use, it'll often react badly with the plastic.

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    Actually, just last week I went a few days doing some pretty physical labor at a family's farm while diapered. Chafing was one of my biggest concerns, mostly because being constantly rubbed raw by overalls and a diaper is a recipie for disaster.

    Obviously, baby powder (or in my case, corn starch) can help out a bunch, but honestly if you're in a situation that allows for might want to consider actually waddling on purpose!

    I found that waddling around, and allowing your diaper to sort of spread your legs a bit, prevented the sort of rubbing that causes chaffing in the first place. I know it sounds silly, but honestly, it does work.

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    If you know you're going to be wearing for an extended period of time, rub some baby powder on your inner thighs.
    It seems to work for me.

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