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Thread: Your Favorite Diaper

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    Default Your Favorite Diaper

    The most basic question of all *BDLs: What is your favorite overall diaper?
    (Possible sticky?)

    For me, it would have to be the ATN. I have, of course, never tried Abena, Bambino, or any like that. I have never ordered online, so I have yet to try truly excellent diapers, but until then, these are certainly satisfactory because of the feel, the absorbency, the comfort, the plastic backing, and the overall effect. How about you?

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    Since I've only tried a few different kinds, I prefer pampers cruisers for a few reasons.

    -When the waist bands are pre-stretched, they fit me comfortably.
    -The absorbency is amazing for a baby diaper.
    -They smell amazing!

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    Ah yes, I think I have a pack of them somewhere in my mounds of diapers. /brag

    Although they have a nasty tendency to not be big enough, they do absorb quickly.

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    I would have to go with Abana X-plus. I would chose bambino since it retapes very well but it costs a lot more then X-plus.

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    X-plus are my favorite diaper!!! they are comfy, they hold up well, and the tapes are strong

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    I love
    Tena Maxi Overnight

    Easily buy and good quality

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    I have tried almost every diaper available in this part of the world, and there are three that are the best. Abri-Form x-plus, Secure x-plus, and Bambinos.

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    Wouldn't it just have made more sense to just ask what our favorite pull up, and tape on ones were within this thread instead of making a thread for each?

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    Abena x-plus for me.

    Although I have tried several kinds of diapers, I never tried bambino, 24/7, or secures, so those might change my views when I do try them.

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    I absolutely love abri-form x-plus. Amazing absorbancy, extremely comfortable and good thickness.

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