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    In 2014 i great idea for a laptop should be a switch on it where instead of it blowing out hot air out the bottom it will blow out cold air kinda like a mini AC for the summer lol just my thought anyone else have any crazy ideas for the technology world in years to come

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    You do realize it blows hot air out to keep all the gizmos inside cool. If you put an air conditioner inside the laptop it would kill battery life, add heaps of weight and add even more heat.

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    Your laptop would overheat. That's bad.

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    That's like asking for a car that generates gas rather than guzzles it ;p

    That heat is being taken out so it doesn't melt your gear!

    It's an interesting thought though. Currently heat is generated as a byproduct of the work your processor and other components are doing. The heat has to be removed as too much will cause damage, so cooler air is brought in to displace it. To reverse it, you'd need the byproduct of the work your hardware is doing to be cold air, in which case it would need to be removed for the same reason (too much cold will do damage).. so you'd need to displace it with warmer air :>

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    As people have said above me its not really possible. All the internal parts under stress will generate heat, which is removed by fan to keep it as cool as possible. The only way your idea would work, would be to build an air conditioner inside the laptop, which cools the hot air coming from the processor, graphics, hard drive etc. This would make the laptop stupidly heavy, much larger, and draw a lot of power. AC units use a lot of electricity, and would be using even more if it is having to cool hot air rather than warm air from room temperature. Then the AC unit would become hot under the stress of doing all that work, and would go back into the computer casing and cause a never ending cycle of hot air getting pointlessly cooled to go back in the computer and get hot again.

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    actually, this idea is not as absurd as what you may think. Although this is done in an application outside of a laptop. I remember when i visited a supercomputer (then again, by comparison of other supercomputers around the world, this one wasnt actually THAT super) they had A/C units on the front of all the computer racks. This was because if they didnt have the A/C units there, the amount of heat that would end up in the walkway would make it impossible to walk down and service anything. However, they only cooled the air back to room temperature (not really making it cold) because if they did make it cold it would effectively double the amount of energy that they would have used. Not sure if they are still doing that sort of thing now (i visited the supercomputer about 4 years now) so im pretty sure they have found a better way to manage heat then when i went through (assuming they have actually been able to afford to upgrade their system).

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    The hot air coming out is from the computer components. If it didn't do that, your laptop would likely catch on fire if it was stressed too far without a cooling system.
    If an actual a/c unit was integrated into it, it would: 1)be a LOT heavier, 2)draw a LOT of power, and most importantly, 3)since the a/c would cool the air inside to below room temperature, you would begin to see condensation on your components. The LAST thing you want is water all over your computer's insides.

    Yes, it would be nice. No, it's not feasible.

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    you guys gave me all facts that i did not know i learn something new from adisc all the time!!!!

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    I use a cool pad under my lap top and it does a good job helping to keep it cool.

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    Remember AC tend to sweat Which can short out the computer

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