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    Anyone notice anything different about this diaper like improvements? I have noticed today when i opened my pack the the tapes seem to hold alot better and the diaper itself just seems alot better then the bellissmos i got last year

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    Ive just got a new case of Belssimos but I have yet to open it as I still have some left from a previous case that I bought in November. I only tried a samples from introduction prior to that. The samples seemed to be ok but the tapes were not sticking really well. The case I'm using now didn't have that problem. I guess they did do some improvements. I don't have anything bad to say about them at all. I really love them!

    The tapes have always stayed put and has never became undone. Sitting, walking, laying down, bending over...the tapes stay put.

    The other rumor "plastic splitting" has never happened to me so I can't really say anything about that aspect.

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    Blessimos have always worked just fine for me. They are my go-to diaper

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    Yes, they've made improvements with the tapes and I thought they mentioned it on their web site.

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