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Thread: who's diapered right now?

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    Default who's diapered right now?

    who's wearing a diaper right now? if so what state is it in? (peed, dry, pooped, soaked)...... and what kind?

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    I'm setting here typing this in a dry Dependeco diaper called "Nursery Frames". Will get dressed here shortly and put on my plastic pants and onesie.
    It will be soaked when I change out later in the day.

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    I'm in a pretty swollen Goodnight. Those things can hold a lot more pee than anyone would expect!!

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    Currently wearing a wet Underjam, if these things had better sides/a bigger size they would be 100x better than Goodnites. I like the actual diaper more but the sides aren't that great

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    Sitting in a pleasantly wet Tena Slip Maxi which has now developed a nice firm bulge in the front of my jeans - from wetting that is! Put it on at 9am this morning and it's now 3.20pm so I should be ok for another few hours yet.

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