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Thread: Apologies to all the folks who have PMed me

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    Default Apologies to all the folks who have PMed me

    Hi everyone!

    I have received a bunch of PMs and visitor messages, but unfortunately the website is not permitting me to respond until I get the established contributor status! I have posted the proper number of times, but I need to be a member for 7 days before I get the status upgrade. That will be in 3 days!

    I just wanted to let everyone know so no one thinks I'm being rude, and I promise to respond to all of your messages as soon as my status changes!!

    Thanks for understanding and sorry for the delay!

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    Haha I think it must be my excitability, haven't been able to stop posting since I discovered this site!! Anyway all the folks here are really awesome

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    I haven't had a chance to go through your visitor messages, and will when I can... but for now I appreciate you trying to get back to those who have reached out the hand of friendship and pleasant contact. That is very polite of you, and please continue to consider others' feelings, that us a very positive quality in a member, and expecially a new one. Now watch yout contact list expand...

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