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    I was looking on Baby Pants, especially their toddler training pants. Has anyone used these? If so what success have you had with them?Are they absorbent?

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    I wore the "Almost a Big Kid" training pants 24-7 for a month last spring. They're thin enough that I could wear them under my khakis without a noticeable difference to my silhouette. I wore them without a cover, so they were only symbolic protection. I kept them dry.

    They were really comfortable while the weather stayed cool. The fabric is very soft. When the weather started to get warm, the training pants got uncomfortable when I had to spend 15 minutes or more outside. So I had to go back to "big boy" underwear. I still wear my training pants occasionally when the weather is cool.

    I only tried wetting them a couple of times (with plastic pants, of course). They're absorbent, but they won't hold a flood. I've also tried wetting a pair of the thicker, less discreet "My First Training Pants." It will hold more, but not as much as a disposable diaper of comparable thickness.

    I found that when I wore the "Almost a Big Kid" training pants with plastic pants, they got very sweaty very fast. They might be more comfortable with a cover made of PUL instead of plastic or rubber, but I haven't tried.

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    I have a pair of the "My First Training Pants", and I'd agree with what buridan said. They'll take a small wetting okay, but if you plan to wet them much, you'll need plastic pants to go over them. Also, you may want to consider ordering a size bigger than what you'd expect, as they will shrink a bit the first few times you wash/dry them.

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