I was watching the program in the title just now and was rather shocked when a little AB reference was mentioned. Now this may annoy some ABies who do not wish to be associated with kinky sex and prostitutes but I will mention it anyway, if you dont like the sound of this then dont bother reading further.
I only caught the show halfway though so missed the storyline although it kind of explained what the previous events were so I didn't miss much. So the star of the show is laying on the floor with some woman giving him a rather "rough" massage, she is Polish or from other eastern European country so her English is not good, I cant recall what he said but it was about reading and she suddenly says, "oh, you want me to read to you? you want to pretend to be baby and mummy read you a story and change your nappy?" Well that got my attention! It turns out he had mistakenly hired a prostitute believing she was a masseuse! (I had to look up that word as I did not know the correct word for someone who does massages)