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Thread: Wagons v Strollers

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    Default Wagons v Strollers

    I was at the zoo today and a lot of parents had their kids in wagons rather than strollers. I am pretty sure there are plenty of wagons out there who could comfortably accomodate the average adult. Any of you consider a wagon as part of your stash? I want one anyway to cart my toys around the yard... but I am not sure I'd be cheeky enough to go out in one. Besides, I don't have a CT anyway. Also even at 130 lbs. asking someone to cart me around might be unfair.

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    Not really...I have a stroller that I use...

    A wagon would be so uncomfortable imho...


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    I would take the stroller over the wagon. The wagon would be very uncomfortable. A good stroller is all you need.

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    I guess I'm just weird . A wagon full of soft blankies sounds fun. I guess I am tinier and more of a squirmy baby. I did not like my stroller very much when I was a kid. To much of an excuse for my parents to leave me trapped and walk off while I sat there being bored to tears... They could have at least pointed me at a tv... I feel like a wagon would be like a little boat for me.

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    A wagon would be fun somewhere like the Zoo or the beach but a stroller is much more practical for everyday use. This would be a fun stroller even tho it's meant for pets it will hold up to 150 pounds Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller for cats and dogs up to 150-pounds, Burgundy: Pet Supplies

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaH View Post
    That looks exactly like the one I used to deliver my sunday
    newspapers when I was 11 to 12 years old.

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    prefer a stroller anyday over a wagon. stroller is more comfortable, plus the seat is more restrictive and has a better feeling if being safe.

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