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Thread: Reviving the Powder Fresh spray by Secret

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    Default Reviving the Powder Fresh spray by Secret

    I randomly thought about it while shopping yesterday, and searched through here to find the product name.The other thread was closed, so I wanted to bump it back up.

    It's in the deodorant section, in an aerosol can, and probably in the woman's antiperspirant section. I found mine at Walmart.
    The can may vary in design, but will look close to this.

    The smell was.... intoxicating. I gave a small spray in my car, and immediately remembered trying to squeeze into old pampers. Since I can remember, I've never had a smell take me back to such a vivid memory.

    I'm not an AB, but I can guarantee this will invoke regressive traits in some of you babies :p. I'm not sure if it's safe to spray on the inside of the diaper, or should just be used on the chest/air... but it's a wonderful scent. I may use it just to keep those old memories .

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    Great idea digging this up. I was so excited when I finally found this stuff. I kept looking and looking... Smells great. I use it in my diapers a little.

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    The smell is just relaxing to me and i spray it in my room to "freshen" it up

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