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    I can honestly say. I like wearing diapers. wearing diaper is away to get away from the real world for while and not have to worry about things. I would love to wear diapers 24/7 all the time.

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    you are lukye for me my real world is have to use and deal with leaking ;(

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    I am outside all day. it does not matter if is 114 out or 30 below I got get the pay check somehow. Right??

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    ? that whole thread does not really make a lot of sense? like coherent sense....

    well you like 24/7: good for you...
    Andlu: you leak... bad for you... change more often, get a better pad/pullup/diaper, adjust your toilet-habits, liquid intake, caffeinated stuff, alcohol, etc... trust me it's manageable without leaks if you take care.
    Aaron: what has all that to do with temperatures and having to get a job done?

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    yes EP01 i have my tena maxi but i cant change often during the work so sometime it up that leak and you what do you use?

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    here's the thing... I wear an Attends M8 Regular or a Tena Slip PLUS during the Day AT MAX... usually I go with pads or Pull-Ups.
    My IC is like frequent dribbling / slight "gushes" ... and when I get the "urge" I need to be VERY close to a toilet - or I have a full accident.

    I've been dealing with this for over thirty years ...

    First: "not able to change often" ??? I mean EVERYONE needs to be able to go to the toilet a few times a day, regardless of the line of work. It's never a job requirement to be able to hold it in for 8hrs.
    So seriously, unless you have a very very special job like let me say industrial deep-sea diver (and then there's pee-valves... so IC isn't an issue), you HAVE the ability to change...
    Maybe its not convenient, but hey it's Incontinence, I guess it's not made to be "convenient".
    Also NOT sitting in a wet, soaked diaper every day for several hours is a HEALTH IMPROVEMENT... Changing often is also a matter of hygiene (and that's important).

    So why is it, that you CAN NOT CHANGE often?
    What do your non-IC coworkers do? Wear diapers? ... no honestly - everytime I hear this "I can't change often" it just puzzles me...
    like what do the other people at work do? hold it in the whole shift? Really? that would be a bit of a violation of human rights / ethics...
    Afterall, changing your diaper, doesn't take more than 2 minutes of your time. and it can be done in any toilet-stall...
    I have learned to change standing up, without actually having to lean against a wall or sit down... less then a minute, without any hurry.
    Also I carry wet-wipes to clean myself up between changing. helps a lot.
    So changing in a public restroom is simple - even simpler if you go for pads.
    airplane toilets? no problem either... sure cramped small room, but again, standing up - no big deal....
    Just keep in mind: everyone NEEDS TO PEE... so wherever people work, there are toilets, one way or another. might not be that the john isn't the nicest place there, but hey, again, standing up - no big deal.

    But that aside:

    - Fluid Intake: STAY HYDRATED... but do NOT over-hydrate... you can drink like 2dl (0.05 Gallons) every 1-2 hours. More you can't really use anyhow (your body will just expell it without actually having made use of this). (of course if you're in the desert, that's a tad different).
    - Type of Fluids... Stuff that contains caffeine, teaine, alcohol, most sodas like coke, etc WILL MAKE YOU PEE A LOT MORE... so if you are IC and want to have less of a hassle, avoid those like the plague.
    - TOILET-BREAKS. Just because you're incontinent, it doesn't mean you shouldn't void on a toilet. Unless you have absolutely no control over the sphincter (yes, happens, but it's rather rare) you can go and "actively" pee in a toilet.
    That is one of the reasons why I love pull-ups / pads... they allow me to do so really easy... Also if I don't put on the Attends M8 reg Slip or the Tena Slip Plus VERY TIGHT, I can easily pull them down almost like a pull-up without sacrificing any functionality (I wear tight boxer-briefs or a IC-Support pant over them anyhow to keep the diaper in shape and place even if it's wet, it's also more discrete).
    Get a toilet-routine going, like every two hours or so during the day.
    If you can't void on your own, maybe learn ISC (see a doc / continence nurse about this).
    - Change frequently... by not soaking a pad / diaper / pull-up to the brink, you will usually not have to deal with leaks.

    For myself I have had maybe three "nasty situations" (leaks) during the last 15 or so years.... Also I often find that two thin pads easily can get me through the day by going with the routine as above.
    it's simple: if you go to the loo often, watch your fluid intake, etc... there is only so much urine your body is able to produce... it's medical, it's "simple logic". So when you do this, even if you have a full on accident, as i can have them every few days depending on the situation, your IC product will be able to take care of it - and then you'll have to change sooner.

    I don't get it often, especially with ICs who happen to be also DL or AB/DL.... They root for the thickest diaper for daytime.
    I mean, no (or VERY FEW) only IC people (non-DL/AB) would choose this option to deal with their IC.
    It doesn't work better in the long run, it's A LOT MORE OBVIOUS (well you might not care, I do though), it's not that comfy having a thick diaper chafing between your legs all day long. it's less pleasant in hot/humid climates.
    And you run MORE risks of leaks, because no matter how thick, it's going to have a limit... so it's usually the "wrong" strategy.

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