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Thread: What TV Series are you currently watching?

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    Default What TV Series are you currently watching?



    Commercial TV:

    The Good Wife
    The Medalist

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    Default Re: What TV Series are you currently watching?

    I tend to try to stay away from the reality shows that take up so much time on tv stations.

    I wish Heroes were still in production. It was one of the best shows that had a little bit of every genre of shows. I hate the fact that it will never complete the story that had me glued and gets ripped away unfinished.

    I have to become immersed into a continuing storyline. Not the shows that have a new crime to solve every week with little to no background to the characters.

    If anyone has some recommendations that fit me please share lol. It has to be on netflix or hulu for me to watch too lol.

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    My wife and I finished Fringe, and we hated to see that end. Other shows we watch are:

    Person of Interest
    The Following
    Once Upon a Time
    various CSI's
    The Mentalist
    John Stewart
    Stephen Colbert
    Area 13

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    I knew I forgot one; Once Upon A Time...

    dogboy, since you mentioned Fringe; I may have to have that be the next one I watch after Numbers.

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    X-Files and Frasier are the main series I was watching, but I sort of am slowing down on both of them. I haven't been watching much TV lately.

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    Breaking Bad - well waiting for the last part
    I love that show.

    I've recently started to watch Archer...

    but other than that, at the moment not much.

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    Hmm...well...I'm absolutely addicted to The Walking Dead. (Is it Sunday yet?)

    I am also watching the following (Yes, I know some of these programs have been cancelled, but I'm just catching up!):

    (I watched all of the episodes of Primeval New World and wish they'd not cancelled it)
    Terra Nova (Why this didn't go on after the first season is beyond my comprehension)
    The Big Bang Theory
    Anger Management
    (The new Charlie Sheen sitcom, not the movie, although, I've seen that too!)

    I'm also planning to watch/catch up with the following programs (once I'm caught up on the others):
    Fringe, Touch, and The Mentalist (started watching these ages ago and didn't keep up so will re-watch them from the beginning)
    Once Upon a Time
    Game of Thrones

    So many shows, so little time.

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    The Good Wife, Psych, The Office, The Mentalist, and can't wait for Game of Thrones to start again!

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    I'm not one for shows but I've recently got back into watching Breaking Bad. Currently on season 4 and it's quite good.

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    Right now i am re watching my favorite series from my childhood, It's Dragon Ball Z well Dragon ball then that. I am just waiting on the new movie that should come out next week.

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