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Thread: $50 for 15 cloth diapers am I missing something?

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    Default $50 for 15 cloth diapers am I missing something?

    So I am pretty used to abena and dry 24/7... I got a wild hair and decided to take an old towel and see how it compares... For $2.97 a piece I can get a white terry cloth towel and fold it into an adult diaper. I have been using this setup at night for about a year. Obviously cloth can smell sinkier when wet and be more wet feeling than a disposable, but this settup is about on par with an Abena M3. Cloth wicks much better and does not clump and fall apart also. I mean I guess I would prefer a bambino if I had more money, but... this seems to be working pretty well. At like .90 to 1.20 per disposable, a cloth one pays for itself in 4 uses. The cost difference is like a bicycle compared to a car for someone who only comutes 5 miles a day. Did I find some magic trick or somehing? Does anybody else use towels?

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    I sure can't beat your price! I wear cloth diapers, and I guess they cost 20.00 something per diaper, so you are doing well price wise. Personally, I like cloth, and I definitely like the fact that I'm spending less. For me, there is some expense in replacing plastic pants, and like you said, I wish there was less smell. There always are upsides and downsides to everything.

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    I have some cloth ones made out of towels. The catch is that even the largest towels aren't as big as a medium cloth diaper, so they will only fit if you have a small waist. Mine are 36" square and my waist is 32" - they only just fit me. I cut the towel into a square and use the offcut as a stuffer pad.

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    Well I'm tiny . 32 inches at hips.

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    I wonder how many people in lower income brackets go this route. It is more traditional to use a flat diaper anyway.

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