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    Well, for one I don't want you to suddenly get too far in a certain thought, it's totally capable for a girl to have a crappy childhood and not really express their anger. I for one, totally had a crappy childhood but I just can't imagine myself actually getting full on angry. I tend to express my negative emotions through sadness so... I wouldn't want you to think a nice girl that you might meet, just because she had a bad childhood, can't channel that sort of thing towards affection for others. I think I am proof, along with I'm sure others, that it is otherwise.

    Otherwise I respect the difficulty of this decision. I know that breaking up with someone who called your "baby" in that way must feel especially hard. However if you were just not happy with being together then you still made the right decision. I hope that both you and your ex find happiness soon, because life is way too short to be sad and lonely.

    Best wishes!
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    Sorry to hear this, and I'm sure you've not made the decision lightly. But reflect on what it was that you feel 'completed you' really.... Arguments in a relationship can often be a result of being inflexible...while we have strong personal perspectives, we do need to recognize that these are 'our' perspectives and that they may not necessarily be true for everyone. Giving our partner permission to have a different position on an issue is important, agreeing on everything is not..... acceptance of alternate opinions.... (both ways of course....sometimes our partners can be stubborn as all hell) As far as the little things.... meh! let some of them go.... after all, they are the 'little things' sometimes change is like a holiday. I think it's good to give in to some of the trivial stuff. Sounds like she has some pretty intense unresolved stuff too...hence the anger ........ were all different, and sometimes in acknowledging that, we find our common ground.

    Good luck

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    @giggle: Haha yeah well... I just said that because all of my exes have had one or more shitty parents. I got lucky with mine.

    @oz: The things were small, but her reactions were very intense so I'd mainly withdraw. We were together for three years btw. Eventually even small drops of water will make a glass overflow.
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    I'm sorry, but i think too, that you took the right decision. Don't worry too much, just be yourself and confident, at some point you will find, what you desire. And in the end you will be happy =)

    But i have to agree too, about what gigglemuffinz said, there are a lot of girls, which had a horrible childhood, but they don't use this as an excuse for too much anger and everything that comes with that. Everyone is different, so this has been just one girl, not everyone, please don't think this counts for everyone out there.
    Some may even have wonderful character traits, because they had a horrible childhood and know how rough some things can be and don't want to let them happen to anyone else.

    Anyway, be optimistic!
    Best wishes *hugz*

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