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Thread: Best Way To Chase Away The Winter Chills?

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    Question Best Way To Chase Away The Winter Chills?

    You've been outside in the bitter cold raking the last of autumn leaves, shoveling snow, scraping frost off the car, de-icing the walkways, or just walking home from somewhere. You come in all chilled to the bone. What do you go for that will quickly warm you up inside? A hot chocolate, some hot soup, tea or coffee, microwave snack, a little nip from a bottle having a little kick to it, or perhaps something else?

    Going outside in the cold wind to get a load of firewood in made me think of this topic. After being out in the cold during the day, a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows really hits the spot. Other favs are a hot bowl of oyster stew or cup of hot tea. If I'm out in the cold later at night a nice hot tea with a teaspoon or two of rum hits the spot and quickly warms me up inside. So what chases away your Winter chill?


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    Best way: a warm shower (not hot you'll only burn yourself) + tea with quite a bit of sugar. This is the technique used to warm up conscious hypothermia victims. As I assume you to be conscious.

    What I do myself is put my hand under a cold (to me it feels hot) facet. The rest of my body barely cools down because of a good jacket.

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    Turn on the radiator and sit there waiting to defrost. I find that when I'm that cold I can barely manage to do anything complicated like make a cup of tea.

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    Charlie, that's why someone else gets tea for you, all you do is drink it.

    Oh and I forgot, put on dry clothes. If you don't have any stay out of the wind and take off all clothes except for 1 layer.

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    Start a fire, make hot chocolate, change clothes, and relax in front of said fire. It gets very cold here, so we tend to do this a lot.

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    make hot chocolate, start a fire in the fireplace, find somebody to cuddle/snuggle with and watch a nice holiday movie on TV

    Works every time

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    I do it by not getting cold in the first place, if you dress like it's cold outside you will not be cold when you come back in the house.

    If I have to do something in the yard or move snow, the two best things I have found, are snowmobile suits and insulated coveralls, most of the time I just put on a pair of either of those over my thermals,( I always wear thermals usually 2 pair), and go and do what I need to do, and when I come in I'm fine not cold, and I rearely get sick.

    And if you like to walk in winter like I do, for those days when the wind is howling, I use a wetsuit under the coveralls, the wind never touches you, I do 4 miles everyday no matter the weather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Brome Teks View Post
    Start a fire, make hot chocolate, change clothes, and relax in front of said fire. It gets very cold here, so we tend to do this a lot.
    Try changing into a fresh, cloth diaper that just came out of the clothes drier and cover them with a pretty plastic panty. So snuggly warm.

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    Be me!

    I have practically no sensation of cold. I only feel it when I am ill or I go between two places with vastly different temperatures. When it comes to winter I wear long clothes not because I am cold, but because I prefer how they feel to short ones and while I feel hot wearing them, I don't usually feel like I am melting. I'm sorry, I can't think of anything to help you, been as I never really have to do it myself.

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    Mzkkbprmt: Then you haven't been in the see at this time of the year.

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