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Thread: I am looking for a copy off a video

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    Default I am looking for a copy off a video

    I hope this is not against the rules.

    I would like to get a hold of a copy of Michael Bryson's "Redemption" from 2007.

    I have looked in several spots and run into dead ends.

    Does anyone have suggestions?

    THank you

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    Unfortunately its only the last half and with out sound. Then there is another site that sales plastic pants and they have a section that has the middle with sound. I know Mr. Bryson pulled it because It was released by one of the production crew and then there was a big legal battle over the royalty/copyrights.

    Totally off subject; but I have delt with copyright infringment myself and the two hours being trained by a copyright attorney should be listed as inhumane torture.

    Anyway I am still looking to see if anyone has an idea about finding a copy for personal library use only. I think I found one way but you have to contact a major network news department and I will use that as a last resort. I am just concerned about getting trapped into to many questions.

    BUt bottem line for right now is Thank you Fenrierlilfolf for the responce.

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    Default Re: I am looking for a copy off a video

    im not a 100% sure, but i might have downloaded it some time ago to watch it when i had no internet, so i'll see if i can find it

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