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    Cool girlfriend

    hello my people.

    ok so i may have posted something along the lines of this, but after telling my girlfriend about this side of me, i've gotten her into it as well. Not so much the diaper side, although she has worn them many times before, but i mean like age play. I call her my lil girl. What do you reckon I could do with her to make this more of an intimate thing? I've got no idea.


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    One word: TALK.

    How possibly could ANYONE ELSE know what she would like, dislike, etc... only she knows. so TALK.

    it's not like the forums here or anywhere on the internet there's a manual for your girl, telling you how to do this or that.

    you need to figure out what you've got in common, what she loves, where her limits are (and respect them),...

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    i didnt ask the forum "what does she like" i asked what are some things i can try to make it more intimate. who said anything about a manual??

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    You didn't get my point:

    What to try? Well it's the same, isn't it? I mean, like, what do YOU LIKE? what does SHE like?
    I've been (still am) in a relationship with my girl for over ten years and trust me when I say, that I could tell you a hundred things that you could "try" - but chances are high, that you and your girlfriend are quite different.
    So my advice sticks: TALK with HER. Work it out together, be creative, BE YOU.

    Obviously she already knows that you like diapers - and is Ok with it... that's a great start.
    What is your "ultimate goal" here... what do you mean by make this more of an intimate thing? Like diaper sex? include diapers in your sexual-moments somehow?
    Well no big deal - BUT again, talk to her... maybe she's cool with this, maybe she has her limits... how could I or anyone else know.
    there's no recipe here to follow... no guide-book to sexual success...

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