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    Default Asda & Tena Slips

    It is very good news from Asda.

    I spoke to their customer services today, and they have told me they are looking to stock the full range of Tena Slips (Adult Sized Nappies) which is helpful as I tried to get a pack of Maxi Medium but could only get the large Super, which needless to say are a big to big for me.

    Also I have asked them to make available suitable sized non transparant carier bags to put these large packs in so that we can buy and carry home discretely which I think we all would agree would be a good thing.

    I took the opportunity to thank them for making these available to us in their supermartkets.

    So I wiil keep you posted if I hear anything further.

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    Default Asda & Tena Slips

    My local store have scrapped all Tena products. I'd be surprised to see them go back on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hailstorm View Post
    My local store have scrapped all Tena products. I'd be surprised to see them go back on this.
    Are you sure they haven't just moved them? At one of my local stores they took them out of the pharmacy and balanced the tena products on the top shelf of the end displays where special offers would go, shared with cat food. Because they are so high up they are out of reach and you would have to ask someone to get it down for you. But because they are so high up, and sideways, and have no price tag its unlikely you would even notice they were there.

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    Default Asda & Tena Slips

    I'll investigate today. I'd be interested to see if that's the case. It would be an odd place to put them.

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    Default Asda & Tena Slips

    Checked the whole store. Couldn't find anything.

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    When I was in the Southampton Asda on Sunday I have to say they took some finding. Their nappies are in what appears to be split into three sections near the self service tills.

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    I live near a large Tesco and they have a reasonable range of Tena products available. They don't sell the Tena Slip Maxi however - it'd be very convenient if they did.

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    There's a large Asda near me and indeed they do have Tena slips in stock. I bought a pack; they were a couple of quid more expensive per pack than online but when you factor in delivery costs they work out cheaper if you're not buying a case. No maxis though, just super (although they had the maxi Comfort pads, which I don't like).

    One pack also fits neatly and discreetly into one of their 38p heavy duty bags.

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