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    I wrote this before but I clicked on another link
    ...Take 2...
    Ever since I discovered my little girl, Kerry I haven't been able to sleep that well being padded and my Pacifier but last night I literally slept like a baby, I woke up this morning curled around George who was just as curled around me and my pacifier was still in my mouth. It took well over an hour to get to the point where I could get the weight of my plushie from on top of me and when George stopped moving on his own. He's sitting here beside me like he didn't try to keep me in bed all day. :P
    I hesitate to sign this as Kerry's Mum but for state of mind I guess that's could be considered true...
    Kerry's Mum

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    Good for you! I'm glad that was able to get a good nights sleep while diapered and with your paci cuddled up with "George".

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    That's great! I haven't got to that point myself yet... Anyways congrats!

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    Thank you Larry and Oleman I guess Kerry kept me up at night till she learned to sleep through the night. I'm coming to find I really like developing into an AB but I do have a concern that is this me pretending to be a baby or is this separate personality? I think I'm going to sit down and think this through a bit... Either way I'm starting to fall in love with "little Kerry" There have been moments during my work day that I would have this sudden urge to just laugh or giggle, At that time I just let it out and laugh again when someone around me asks what was funny. Sorry if I side tracked my thread a bit but The ADD kicked in and you guys got to watch

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