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Thread: How to Seduce A Diaper Lover

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    Default How to Seduce A Diaper Lover

    I'm a total vanilla married to a DL with slight AB tendencies. I hardly initiate sex but I'd like to be creative on days I would feel like giving him a "treat". Would appreciate any idea on seducing my husband. Thanks!

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    It would be helpful for you to know exactly what he likes about DL/AB stuff and then use that for a basis on what exactly your willing to do. For example some would prefer to be teased/embarrassed while others would just want someone to care for them, or even a mixture of the two.

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    As others have stated, there's different scenarios that can be played out. You should know just by the way he acts while in the mode. I'd say you could go for a bit in all directions and see what gets a better reaction. You also have to discover his use of diapers as well, or you can just force it on him as you wish lol. What would you want or willing to do?

    You can play a significant amount of roles with endless possibilities. If you feel dominant, do it and get a response from the actions.

    He could possibly want the kind caring mom type, the dominant woman type, a diapered friend type.

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    Tell him you are wearing a diaper, have a wet diaper and need a change, or that you think he needs to be put back in diapers. That is ALL that it takes. Seriously. For a male diaper lover, that is all that it takes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bambusa View Post
    Tell him you are wearing a diaper, have a wet diaper and need a change, or that you think he needs to be put back in diapers. That is ALL that it takes. Seriously. For a male diaper lover, that is all that it takes.
    Bambusa, that might be the case for yourself... everyone is quite different.

    Nice to see openminded people.
    I'm IC and a DL and in a relationship with this amazing girl (we've been together for well over ten years). I've got my kinks, she got hers - some we share, some we don't.
    But whilst I could tell you what turns myself "on" or "off" it wouldn't make any sense... as most likely your Bf is ticking different than I am.
    So the only real options you've got is to communicate openly with him about his desires & fantasies. See where you "fit" in - what you are comfortable with, what he is comfy with.

    As an example: What Bambusa has said, does for example NOT apply at all to myself... if my girl would tell me that I would need to be put back in diapers, it be a complete turn off.. same goes for the "I'm in a wet diaper...".
    Doesn't float *my* boat.
    There's no such thing as the "universally similar male diaper lover" that's bs.

    The other option - but a bit more "risky": Surprise him with something YOU think it would make him feel good... and see where it goes.

    In my relationship we did a lot of exploring and talking about our sexual preferences, pleasure-fantasies etc.
    I think that's the best way... try, be open, know your limits, act within your own comfort zone and be able to communicate when something is way over your head.

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    Talk about it!

    The age old sexual advice!

    Honestly, when I found myself thrown into this world I came here asking what it was all about, and lots of very kind people told me what they were into.... and then finished with 'but we're all different - go talk to him!' So what's what I did.

    You don't even need to tell him that you'd like to give him a treat sometime, or anything like that - just set the conversation up as a 'so, obviously I'm not into this, but I want to try and understand why this makes you tick... can you tell me more about what exactly you're into?' or something similar!

    Good luck!

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    You're right on spot. These were his exact suggestions! If not for your username, I'd think you were him. ) When he told me this, I could not believe this is all because we kinda do this on a regular basis.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I don't seem to learn my lesson) I seem to forget that everyone's unique in their preferences. Communication: basic

    I guess I just wanted to surprise him with something he hasn't thought about or at least communicated with me. When we had this talk about seduction, he suggested to just try whatever and see what works.

    Thanks for the advice. Such an encouragement to dare.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks a lot agree, nothing beats communication

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks, this is helpful role play role play.

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    It's going to be harder to just surprise him and have the situation work out because it is generally hard for diaper lovers to just completely open up about here feelings and what they really need. Heck a good number haven't really come to a full understanding of themselves. On the other side, unless you have observed, communicated and possibly even pulled more details out with a little investigating it is unlikely you will have much success.

    Like others have said it is best to talk to him. But know this is not the easiest subject for every DL to talk about. Creating a safe, loving, non-threatening environment for him, really for both of you, will help you to learn what you need to know to grow the relationship even stronger.

    In the short time my wife knew and was willing to accept my interests we struggled. First she was not very accepting and I was not willing to disclose everything. The few times we did play she did and tried different things. Most of the time it endeded up making both of us feel bad, and was a big turn off. But one time she did something that ended up being extremely fun. Yet she never really discovered those things that were most important, most comforting or even the biggest turn on for me.

    The very fact that you are here trying to figure out how to best connect with him is a great sign that your heart is right and that you love him.

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    Just bringing diapers into the mix every now and again should really heighten the experience for him and make it a special treat. Surprise him by either wearing one yourself and letting him discover it or when the sexual play starts bring out a diaper and put it on him. If he enjoys diapers sexually all of his senses will be greatly heightened by wearing and being touched through it.

    Good luck and have fun

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