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Thread: Raspberry Time

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    Default Raspberry Time

    Hey all, I'm fresh here but not to forums so I'll probably be snuggling in quickly :3

    I'm a babyfur and also a sissyfur, my two fursonas are my black moogle and my pink dragon (see avatar)

    A bit of info about my main fursona, the dragon, he's known as the Raspberry Baby because he tastes and smells like raspberries

    Now a bit about me, I love gaming, drawing and of course roleplaying

    Anyways hi and have a raspberry :3

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    Matrix Blade


    Welcome to the site.

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    love raspberry tea and lolipops so thank you for your contribution of the loveble raspberries <3
    and welcome

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    i'm affraid that if i get to know you better i might eat you.


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    Yami... Yumi... Johnathon... Johnathan... Eclipse, EclYpsE... so many similar names!

    Just kidding, you're perfectly welcome! Enjoy yourself!

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    I think rasberries has got to be one of my top favorite you made me want some!

    Welcome to our community! I hope to see you posting around!

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    Oh posh, Raspberrys dont compare to strawberries or say... Peaches!! (Am I right Peachy, oh great forum moderator?)

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