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Thread: A thank you, and a goodbye.

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    Default A thank you, and a goodbye.

    First off; This is not another "IM LEAVING AND YOU CANT STOP ME DIAPER FREAKS" thread.

    I am trying to give up on this side of me. The reasons are personal. Let's just say it's for the sake of my future. Whether or not I'll succeed remains to be seen. I could very likely be back here in a month or two. Who knows?

    With that said, I didn't feel right just leaving without saying a goodbye to the first community that ever helped me, and who made me feel at home, rather than just some weirdo in the universe, alone.

    Thanks to everyone here who took the time to lend advice and support to me. Keep up the good work. There are plenty of other people out there who still need it.

    I'll likely log in a few more times this week, then I'll try and stay off.

    Thanks again, everyone.

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    I'm sorry you feel this way but sometimes useful self-knowledge is gained from this kind of thing, so I'll just wish you the best on it. We'll see you when we see you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I'm sorry you feel this way but sometimes useful self-knowledge is gained from this kind of thing, so I'll just wish you the best on it. We'll see you when we see you
    I can't think of anything to say better than Trevor 'ditto'...

    Best of luck...we'll leave the light on...

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    Good luck, I'll keep Marka company while you head off exploring.... Nah, seriously if this is what you think you need, I hope all goes well.

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    Default Re: A thank you, and a goodbye.

    Remember, even though we share something in common, its not just about that here and doesn't solely have to be about this.

    Obviously you are going through a binge phase most likely and will most likely see you in the near future.

    Just becareful how you treat yourself trying to rid yourself of this side of you. We are here for these moments as well. No need to be a stranger.

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    I hope you above all else, love yourself and be happy. Do not spend the entire time being mean to yourself, the person you are is a wonderful being truly worth any happiness and much more. I'm not here to tell you what will make you happy, just be true to yourself.. whatever that involves.

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    Best of luck to you in your decision. I do have one favor to ask though - if you are successful (which I hope you are), come back to ADISC someday and let us know how everything is going. Many people on this site have considered making the same decision you are now taking. It would be beneficial for a lot of us to know the details of such an endeavor, both the struggles and the rewards. Again, best of luck! Hope to hear back from you someday.

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    I wish you the best in your endeavor. After I got married, I stopped for several years until we moved to Lynchburg and I had Fridays off. For many years, I felt guilty wearing diapers behind my wife's back. Since I've come out to her, I've made peace with it. It's always been strong in me, so it never went away, and I always came back. You will have to find your own road. Everyone is different, and I'm sure the drive is different for each one of us.

    Should you return to it, don't be hard on yourself. Keep it in proportion and realize you're not hurting anyone. If you can feel free from it, more power to you. Either way, I wish you well.

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