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Thread: Hormones (HRT) and diapers or fetishes?

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    Default Hormones (HRT) and diapers or fetishes?


    How about diapers and hormones? Are you not afraid of HRT being stoped when doctor finds out about HRT & Co?


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    Not doing HRT myself...I'd say only if the reasons for HRT gets confused as one of or a part of the fetish. Generally the screening and counseling process for the HRT presumably for a gender-reassignment plan...would have eliminated this though...Am I wrong?? And if it should be menopause, or testosterone-deficiency related...can't see that it'd make any difference...what 'kinks' you may have too...

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    Your best bet is to not bring it up with your endo or therapist. If liking diapers hugely affects your mental health, than find a separate therapist different from your endo. I'm not sure what your health system is like, but my fear of gatekeeping prevented me from telling my doctor.

    If you're concerned about them noticing you wearing a diaper while meeting with them, than just don't wear for those few hours. There's no reason to sacrifice your health because of diapers.

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    Why...What was the original thought there? Why would they stop you?

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    Some therapists see wearing of diapers as a symptoms of other psychiatric conditions, e.g. dissociative disorder (formerly MPS) or deep depression).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kvetinka View Post
    Some therapists see wearing of diapers as a symptoms of other psychiatric conditions, e.g. dissodiative disorder (formerly MPS) or deep deprression).
    and changing ones sex rather than changing ones mind, is to some extent or other, not dissociation..... (somewhat tongue in cheek)

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