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    I'm having a bit of an identity crisis right now. For years I thought I was a cloth like backing person, but these plastic backed cushies may have me converted. I just love the feel of the plastic...

    Can someone help me remember something? I was born May 31, 1994 and my parents have always had money. I wore diapers till I was 2 years old. What type of diaper did I most likely wear? Plastic or cloth like? Thanks!

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    You've most likely wore plastic backed diapers. Cloth backed didn't come out until about '95 or '96 I think, and was considered a premium diaper and was more costly. It wasnt really mainstreamed in until the early 00s. Huggies and Pampers were the first to be solely cloth backed. Luvs (budget friendly Pampers brand) made the plastic backed a few good years into the 00s and were the last of the major brands to make the transition.

    You should look in your family's photo album and you can easily tell cloth backed vs plastic backed. Cloth backed had the velcro landing strip with designs on it and the print's color was kind of faded compared to plastic backed. Plastic backed tend to be shinier and had the waist band that looks like crimpled plastic.

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