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Thread: The Best Tape-on Diaper You Ever Tried

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    Default The Best Tape-on Diaper You Ever Tried

    Me again, with another diaper thread... to the question at hand: What is your favorite tape-on diaper? I have never tried very many, but for me the best I have ever tried is the Tranquility ATN. How about you?

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    I'd say either abena x-plus, lille supreme fit maxi, or secure x-plus. Hard decision between them....

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    Secure X plus I love them but I don't love the cost, so I stick with my cheapo walmart diapers.

    Cheap wins out with me everytime, on diapers on, everthing else I like only the best if I can afford it, price is always the factor with me.

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    It's a toss up between Abena X Pluses, Secure X Pluses, Bambinos, and Dry 24/7s. Wow...I can't believe I've tried all of those.

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    Abena X-plus hand's down. Of course the problem with it is once you put it on its pretty impossible to take it off without ripping the plastic front off the diaper.

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    My favorites have to be either abena x plus, or bambinos definitly

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    That's why I like Secures, the plastic front is really nice. Although a friend of mine had the idea once to put clear packing tape on the front of Abenas to act as a landing strip, which I may have to do sometime. It doesn't make for the quietest diaper but that's life eh?

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    Like several other's have said, Abena X-plus, without a doubt, they are the best money can buy in my opinion. However, if money's an issue, I'd say Dry 24/7 are the best bang for the buck.

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    I've only tried two brands, and they are both the same diapers.
    CVS and Walgreens.

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    abena xplus is by far my favorite diaper... i dont mid the molicare cause they are cute purple...
    but i will say i wasnt a fan of attends and/or depends... but tho diapers were horrible in my eyes

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