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Thread: Safe to use old diapers?

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    Default Safe to use old diapers?

    So I found a 2-3 year old pack of Goodnites in my closet a few days ago. I opened it up, and they seem perfectly fine aside from the fact that the padding near the top is a brownish-tea color. I was wondering if they were okay for use, as it'd be a shame to just throw them out.

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    They should be absolutely fine to use. That brownish-tea color is most likely just the absorption of moisture in the air within your closet. The DryNites from 2-3 years ago are much better than the ones today! Enjoy them!

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    I have a pack of Goodnites from the year 2006. I have had them that long and I don't even know if they are still good to use.

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    They should be fine if they haven't drawn any moisture to impede absorbtion.

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    When my mum was still alive I used to hide diapers in the drawers under my bed. I happened to remove the drawers recently and found some old diapers that had fallen behind the drawers and been in there for some time. They had the year of manufacture on them... 2006!

    Anyway, there were a few black marks on the outside of the plastic, but they rubbed off quite easily. I'm not sure if it's dust or mould or lubricating grease that has somehow come off the runners for the drawers... Anyway, a quick wipe got the marks off, they look and feel fine and don't smell so I gave 'em a go. And they work fine.

    If they smell even slightly musty or are marked on the inside, or any wetness indicators have changed colour, or have been stored in a humid environment then I'd chuck them out in case there are fungal spores growing in them. Otherwise, my completely unscientific guess would be that they probably won't kill you... maybe...

    Honestly, when my parents were alive I'd have maybe one or two opportunities per year to order diapers, and I like to have 3 or 4 different types, so wearing 2 or 3 year old diapers used to be very common for me.

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    They may have gotten that way if there are any smokers living in the house as well. I was briefly toying with the idea of letting a wet diaper dry out but became very quickly convinced it's a bad idea. But old unused diapers should be fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by DryNites92 View Post
    The DryNites from 2-3 years ago are much better than the ones today! Enjoy them!
    So many people say this - I've had experiences with GoodNites dated from 1998 through to the most recent, and they improve by each iteration - the only thing people can legitimately complain about is the thinness (from a comfort perspective), but as far as absorbency and stretchiness are concerned they've never made a retrograde step.


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    I use the diapers more or less a year and never had a problem of validity

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    I have used diapers 10-15 years old with no problem with tapes or absorbency problems.

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    The title of this thread made me think it was asking something else, of which then you would have gotten bad advice from a person who thank goodness is no longer here.

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