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Thread: Whats the youngest age anybody has ever assumed/guessed you were

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    Default Whats the youngest age anybody has ever assumed/guessed you were

    I just started thinking this today. When I was younger I was a little shorter than my friends but still on par for my age. Now, at 18, I'm about 6 foot and 170 lb. so if anything people assume I might be a little bit older. When you were younger had anyone ever guessed you were a lot littler?

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    I've always been guessed to be older than my actual age. I don't think because of my size, I'd say I've always been average, but because of the maturity that I've kept in conversations. My friends have always been older. I don't really hang out with people my age or younger. There is always the exception but it's my general rule (not by choice , just by happenstance). Currently, one of my best friends is over 10 years older than me. She has even told me that for my age, she has never really seen anyone as calm and collected at my age.

    I think the time I started to be thought of as younger was when is was near the end of high school. My brother became increasingly taller and when people would look at me they would ask if I was related to him and they would think I was the younger sister... I'm a year older and graduated two years before him... That was fun to discuss... Lol

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    I'm 24 and always get: "Are you in high school?" Super annoying.

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    I'm 24 and I have had some of my coworkers think I was 16

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    last summer around exam time a nice lady in a shop assumed I was doing my GCSEs (16) and wished me good luck...

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    I'm 19 but look like I am in my early teens... mainly because I am absurdly thin. The best is my sister though, she is 9 years older than me and when she went with my parents to my middle school conferences as a translator and people thought she was a student there.

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    As an adult, 15. The oldest age I have ever gotten was 35.

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    I'm almost always assumed to be much younger then my age, but not for good reasons. Generally it's because in most people's opinions there is something wrong with the opinions and feelings I have.. being the age I am. Most people think I view life like an immature 13 year old. Oh well.

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    I often get asked if I'm 14 or 15 IRL. Online, when I'm voice chatting, I've had people guess that I'm as old as 35.

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