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Thread: Want some advice on teethers

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    Default Want some advice on teethers

    Anyone have experience with them? Iím thinking of getting one just because I seem to love chewing stuff. I havenít really looked at them much though, so Iím wondering what you think I should look for in one. What are the odds of finding something that will really fit an adult mouth well? A lot of them seem to be filled with gel, so I was also wondering just how tough those are, because I certainly donít want to bite through and have that gunk getting all over the place (I chewed a few holes right through my favorite pacifier). So any advice on these?

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    I've long considered buying one too but I've never seen one I like in a shop, I'm not familiar with gel ones but I have seen several made of clear slightly soft plastic that's what I want they can keep the ones made of hard plastic, I just want a basic teething ring!

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    Yes, Walmart has them...

    I cure my chewing on things with a nuk...


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    You can always put the plastic teethers in the fridge to get them cold and probably make the gel a little firmer as well. Some people actually put them in the freezer for awhile before use, but that is not recommended by the mfrs. as the type plastic used in them is not meant to be frozen.

    EDIT: Just spotted these crocheted teethers...never saw this kind before:

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    Over the last couple of years i have gone through numerous teething rings. The water filled ones would pop, any rubber one would get destroyed in a week or two. I began to stop buying them all together. But then I came across these: e-Special Needs - Speech & Communication/Oral Motor Tools
    These are made for oral motor therapy and are great quality. Also they are made for teeth! I've had mine for a while and they are great. I definitely recommend them. Good luck on your search for a great teething ring

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    Thanks for the replies. I picked one up tonight (silicone without gel), and it was larger than I was expecting. To be honest I was kind of underwhelmed though, although I do consider myself more of a DL than an AB, so maybe that's part of it. Although I do like my pacifiers. I just sort of wanted something to chew on since I do seem to like that. Oh well, maybe something else.

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